My Stove Saga

Over the last few years Hubby and I have saved gobs of money simply because he’s started fixing things himself.  He would have done this before but we didn’t know parts were so readily available on line.

The burner on our stove was acting up and finally just died.  We used to always just call the repair man and wait and wait until he was scheduled to “come this way”.  Often unless it was an emergency that might mean a week’s wait.


We have found if we type the model number, make and part we need, we can find the part on line.  The part is a about half the price of the what we’d pay from the appliance store plus we don’t pay for service calls or labor.  In reality, waiting for the part to come in the mail isn’t any longer wait than if we’d wait for the repair man to come.

This time around we found the part on Amazon for under $50.

I am due for a new stove.  This one is beat up and scuffed but with the new house remodels I am holding off, hoping I can convince Hubby to get a new then.  He is really tight about appliances….as long as they run he doesn’t see any reason to replace them.  He thinks it’s crazy to want a matching washer and dryer…why buy a matching set unless both are shot?!

If we do get a new stove for the new house, my plans are to keep this one in the garage.  So often when I’m making pizza for many, making cinnamon rolls or cooking for holidays having an extra stove would be so handy and for how beat up this one is…no one would want it.

And so that’s the stove saga…any guesses on whether I can talk him into a new one for the new house?

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  1. I’m with you on having second stove/oven. I used to have one in my basement but my brother asked me for it to give to his brother-in-law, who is now his EX BIL, and I rue the day I ever let it go! Good hubby making repairs. Mine just did the same with my horrible-looking washing machine of 30 years old. Good thing it’s in the basement!

  2. I think a second oven/stove would be great! I had to use my neighbor’s oven on Thanksgiving because mine was full. We had 42 guests for dinner. Everyone brought something, but a lot of things needed to be rewarmed. Keep pushing him. Maybe you can make a deal: you will go shopping with him x number of times if you can get a new stove.

  3. If you do get a new oven, get a double oven. I put in a Maytag (yeah didn’t know they made stoves!) double oven with a cook top (they have gas option too) and I use both ovens probably daily. The top oven is more shallow and is perfect for casserole type dishes, etc. or the second cookie tray. Also, how many times are you cooking meat and potatoes and they need different temps. I often just use the top oven when I need to heat something up so you don’t need to heat the whole oven. The top oven heats up really fast! I can’t believe we lived without one now. Good luck with your house and the stove “project” ;c)

  4. We remodeled our kitchen eight years ago. I would recommend buying all new appliances; they are so energy efficient. And I highly recommend installing pull-out trays in the lower cabinets. You do a lot of cooking–you deserve a fabulous kitchen!

  5. i can think of three great arguements for a new stove right off the bat..
    1. if a stove is over ten years old, then it’s time to replace it with a new energy efficient one. any stove over ten years old is living on borrowed time.
    2. could hubby stand cold dinners from now on if the stove suddenly quits working? No stove that i know of gives you advance notice when it decides to hit the dust. parts may be plentiful now, but there is a limit to the supply of such things.
    3. much better for any budget to have a planned expense rather than an emergency one.

  6. Berroeta carolyn

    We here in France have just experienced the same as you. One of the oven wirings was not working any more, but we discovered, as you that by searching on internet, we could buy the exact replacement part. And Dh was clever enough to be able to dismantle the back of the oven, rewire, and voila ! It is working again. For 35 euros (50 dollars) agaiinst so much more by the repair Man.

  7. Mariel Broadwater

    Ha! I’m one of those who replaced her perfectly good dryer because the wash machine died and thought they should both match. Big mistake! The new dryer and washer neither work as good as the old ones. This high efficiency stuff is a farce as far as dryers are concerned. Just can’t seem to get the clothes to dry.
    Enjoy your new stove when you get it! That’s next on my list too!

  8. I had heard that Presidents day sale was the best time. you might not get it this yr, but start shopping for next yr, look at what you want, and buy when it’s a good price. Shopping is always fun! LOL We repaired a part on the Dish washer that was the controls for $140 everyone told us to buy a new one. I think DH is actually a person who died and came back, form the DEPRESSION! he is handy to make repairs though, and doesn’t like to throw anything away.

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