My Splurge

Rarely do I buy things that are completely frivolous.  I don’t buy things that are really expensive either…but I recently caved in and did something out of the ordinary for me.  Here’s my story.

You all know that I do some work with U.S. Cellular here on the blog.  Well one of my perks from that is that they recently sent me a new gold Samsung S6.  I had and S5 before and really liked it so I was excited to get an S6.

Well all phones need a case right??  Typically I get the heavy duty wango-fango case the nothing can happen to your phone if you have it on.  Those cases cost a lot-like $40 on Amazon.  The cases are nice but it makes the phone heavy and clumsy.  I noticed that lots of my childcare parents don’t have the indestructible cases so I got to thinking why do I??  I rarely drop my phone or get myself into a situation where water damage can happen.  I started to rethink if I needed all that much of a case.

From there I started searching Amazon for a phone case with a beagle on it.  There were some..but none I loved.  Then I started looking for one with a quilt on it.  There were some..but none I loved.  Kelli happen to be home when I was doing this and I said I wish I could just get a custom made case with my own photo.  Kelli said- “Gee mom, I’m sure that is a possibility”.  So I Google searched custom phone cases.  Up came My Custom Case.

At that point I was not afraid to look.  I wanted a custom case but how much would it cost?!?!  If it was too much I’d be back with my old clunky indestructible case.  Well I braved looking and was pleasantly surprised.  It was a little more that the $40 but definitely under $50.  Should I do it…should I order?  Then I looked at Amazon again seeing there were plenty of cases that were $20 that could work…then I just decided to do it.  I ordered a case.

It was SO-SO easy to design the case with my own picture.  Upload a picture and tweak a little and within five minutes I had my case how I wanted it.  I really didn’t even use any help from Kelli.

Isn’t it so cute??  That’s our calendar quilt with Ruby sitting on it.  How cool is that?!?!?  I got a quilt AND my own dog Ruby all in one picture.  I love it.  I love it a lot.


I love it so much that I can say I have absolutely not on single drop of buyer’s remorse.

After seeing it one of my kids said to me…”really mom.  You’ve become one of “those” dog owners.  Well I guess I have.

About my service from the company…all reports are good.  They were prompt and the website was really easy to navigate.

Like I said, I am typically not a frivolous person but who knows…maybe I’m changing as I age…or maybe I’ve just become one of “those” dog owners.  Whatever it is…I love the case!

P.S.  I hate to be an enabler but they are running a 20% off sale through 8/24.  The cases would be great for a gift for some who has everything…a great way to show off your love of quilting…just a great gift in general.

7 thoughts on “My Splurge”

  1. Love it! And you got me all excited with the 20% off until I saw it ends August 17th. Did you perhaps write the wrong date? And you deserve a cute, fun phone case.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for about 4 years and I can’t remember another “splurge”, in fact you often post about being thrifty, so I’d say one $40 spend is justified! You would have bought a case anyway, the only difference is you got a pretty one.

  3. Nice case. Absolutely darling and being one of “those” dog people is not a put-down. Tell her “Yes I am, and proud of it. Thanks for noticing Dear.” ;)

  4. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a custom designed phone case. My semi-smart Tracfone doesn’t really deserve one any way! Ha

    You say you think you are changing as you age…I think it’s just that your kids are all grown up and on their own now so your subconcious is telling you it’s OK now to spend money on a few things for yourself just because you like them and not worry about being frugal.

  5. Perfect — Ms. Ruby and one of your quilts!! (Doesn’t get any better than that.) Now when you take a picture, you can say, “Look at Ruby and say cheese!” :o)

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