My Silly Find….and a giveaway winner.

Yesterday our daughter Kayla came home for a visit.  We decided to spend the day thrifting and checking out our favorite haunts.

I ended up purchasing this little sewing machine….


I “broke the bank” and spent the $3 on it.  It came with an instruction manual that says, “This is not a toy.  It is a personal sewing machine.”

I had to try it out on my crumb blocks…Yes…I am still making crumb blocks.


It stitches BEAUTIFULLY….but….It is SO noisy.  I am going to keep it around in case I am ever teaching a kiddo how to sew.  I’d actually be tempted to actually sew on it as it makes such a nice seam but the noise is way too much.

…and now for the giveaway winner.

The winner of yesterday’s patriotic pattern giveaway is….Susan who said….
“You always have such wonderful things in your giveaways! I would LOVE to win this one as the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Most people say Christmas is their favorite holiday but mine has always been the 4th of July.”

I am sending you an email and will contact you.  I found more goodies when I was cleaning.  Make sure to keep stopping by, I’ll have more one day giveaways.

9 thoughts on “My Silly Find….and a giveaway winner.”

  1. What a darling machine! I’d like to find that kind of thing at my local thrift store…what a fabulous find!

  2. I have a small Singer that I bought over 20 year ago. It fits in a Baby Go case. I take it with me ever where. Works like a dream.

  3. my one old kenmore quieted down a LOT when i gave it a good cleaning and oiling. that may be the trick to get it to quiet down! cute machine. good luck with it.

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