My Sewing Room…the disaster area!

It was just a week or so ago when I was doing some 20 minute clean ups in the my sewing room.  Well now it needs that all over again.  Normally I wouldn’t show the mess but Amy at Amy’s Creative Side dared me….and goodness knows, I typically take a dare.

I was busy playing with some crumbs when I decided I had better clean up the garage.  (I know the the sewing room and garage seem completely unrelated)  I still had some of my auction goodies in the garage and I wanted to clean them up.

So I got the quilt books and the crates we got at the auction and started reorganizing.  That’s when I saw Amy’s dare.  Well this is what it currently looks like.

Tomorrow’s agenda is to water the garden, clean a bit and work on the blog a bit….then SEW!!   I can’t wait….I just might enjoy one of those Michelob Light Cider Beers too!

6 thoughts on “My Sewing Room…the disaster area!”

  1. My sewing room is a disaster too! Not sure what all I will do tomorrow. Only thing that is definite is my eye appointment. Oh and someone coming to install our garbage disposal. The old one died.


  2. That’s so funny! The sewing room and garage are completely linked here, too! Whenever I start to think it’s time to shovel out the craft room, I realize I have to do the garage, too!

    Can’t wait to see it post-shovel!!


  3. Sorry Jo – mine’s worse than yours is! I wouldn’t show my sewing room – yours looks good in comparison.

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