My Sewing Room Cabinet

Now that Hubby has the trellis ready for me to paint he’s moved on to a new project and I am so excited.  This is the bottom half of the cabinet that will be going in the sewing room.


There is an upper part that is open shelving.  Yep it’s vintage.

We bought the piece on an auction last summer from a neighbor.  He had been using it in the garage.  Well it’s getting an upgrade.

Hubby had worked and worked to strip the boards but no matter what he did, they just didn’t get down to bare wood.  He called me out to the garage and told me that he thought I would need to chalk paint the piece.  UGH.  As much as I do like chalk paint, I still like straight up wood the best.

That’s when I suggested that he sand the piece down the best he could and then just stain it.  I said we don’t have anything to lose.  He kind of scoffed about that.

Fast forward three days and he called me out to the garage with the announcement that I was right.  WHAT???  I am never right.  That had me running to the garage.  He had stripped and stained a board and it looked good.  That inspired him so he got busy and has been working on it ever since.

For the most part, we don’t have many boxes left in the house except a few in the basement and a few in the corner of the sewing room.  This cabinet, once it’s finished, will house the things that are  in the boxes in the sewing room.  I can’t wait to be done with with that!!

He’s still working on it but every day gets him closer and closer and that makes me happy.  I am really anxious to see it all refinished!

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  1. Lesley Gilbert

    I love to see all your ‘before, during, after’ projects and this looks like another good one :)

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