My Sewing Room at the New House

When the upstairs of the sewing room was first sectioned off and walled up, Hubby was disappointed…I was elated.  He wasn’t happy with the amount of space and thought I was going to be disappointed with it…um NO!  I’m going to love it!

The room is about 14′ x 20′.  PLUS there is a closet too.  It’s about 6′ x 11′.  It’s more than I have now!  Plus it’s all in one place and all conveniently in one room.

Right now my sewing room is 7 1/2′ x 13 1/2′–yes I desperately need to clean this room….


and the spare bedroom where my quilting machine is 12′ x 13′.

I am excited about being able to walk around my quilting machine.  Right now I have to walk into the closet to do that!!  For awhile I thought I might get a bigger table for the machine upgrading to a 12′ rather than the 10′ and then I decided not to.  Rarely do I make anything bigger than 100″ x  100″ and I’ve done one that big on this frame before so I’m sticking with what I have.

The cupboards that are in my sewing room are going to the basement and will be used for child care.  We bought them originally for child care when I did it before and they’ll go back to that purpose.  We bought a different set of cupboards for the sewing room for $150 that I haven’t shown you yet.  They are antique and need some work but I love them and can’t wait to get them set up and working.

Here’s a poor picture of the upstairs layout of the addition.  The center is obviously the hallway and there’s the bathroom.

house-redo-6The “hobby room” is my sewing room.  I have AWESOME lighting for my quilt machine that Hubby made for me so the quilting machine is going to go on what you see as the left side of the room towards where the closet door is.

I’ll store all the batting in the closet so it’s a good idea.

The new(antique) cabinet will go on the lower right hand wall I think.  The cutting station will likely go on the wall that is shared with the bathroom.  I have a pie safe that I think will go between the windows (or the ice chest) I think.  I want to get an old square or rectangle farm (old oak likely) table and put that towards the center of the room for sewing.

All the totes and books and STUFF can go in the closet!!

It will be so nice to have a closet that I can just shut the door on.

An added bonus, will have a spot in the laundry room on the main floor for a sewing machine.  I think this is the machine that will go there.

I do a lot of piecing while I make supper and with the laundry room just off the kitchen, this will be perfect.  I plan to keep a couple projects here along with a spare rotary cutter and mat that can be flipped out onto the kitchen island if needed.   You can see the space across from the washer and dryer.


So what Hubby is worried about, I have not clue.  I am blessed with sewing space at the new house!!

I know MANY of you sew in spaces that are only as big as the space across from the washer and dryer.  I also know that many of you are sewing on your dining room table.

The space you have doesn’t make any difference on the quality or quantity of quilts that you just makes sewing a little more convenient…and yes, I’ll be VERY happy with my sewing space and if things don’t fit in the space I have…I’ll be getting rid of things.

8 thoughts on “My Sewing Room at the New House”

  1. You are going to have a wonderful space! Don’t worry about those of us that sew on the dining room table or in a corner of a room, we still love to hear about your new sewing room! I can’t wait to see the room complete!

  2. It sure seems like your new sewing room is going to be a wonderful place. In looking at the layout, it looks like you are going to have a pretty wide walkway between the closet and the bathroom. It looks like there would be plenty of room for a bookshelf to hold your books. So nice that you are getting closer and closer to being done!

  3. Your new sewing room sounds wonderful! It would be so great to have everything, including the quilting machine, in one space…and with a big closet yet!!! My quilting machine is also on a 10 ft. table, but the room is so small I ordered the table on wheels, know I’d have to roll it back & forth and side to side as I worked.

  4. You’re husband’s concern makes me laugh! When I first started quilting 7 years ago I had a sewing machine sitting on a dining room chair in front of my recliner. Yep, my back was sore!! Your new house is coming right along and I am so very excited for you!!!

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