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I got several questions from blog readers asking me about my scooter.  Ignore my sour puss face….just check out the scooter.  I put my knee on the part that looks like a seat then take my other leg and use it as you would a kids scooter.  It work fabulous.  It has allowed me to do so much and I am so thankful.  If my insurance hadn’t covered it (that’s a whole another story)  I’d have still found a way to get one.


This is my exact one and here’s the link for it.

NOVA Medical Products The Knee Walker, Silver, 26.25 Pound

It is so nice and so needed.  I use it for so much more than being mobile.  Here I am curling my hair.  See how I can lock the break and be steady to curl my hair.I love it.

Here I am unloading the dish washer.  Again with the scooter making me feel safe, I can load and unload the dishwasher.  I can cook meals too.  So far nothing fancy but enough to keep whoever is here fed.


Bathing was a big challenge…

We came up with baths in the claw foot tub on the main floor.  Let’s just say in and out of the tub is challenging.  I can’t put any weight on my left leg so in and out on one leg…hmmm….challenging.

I can’t wash my hair in the tub so it happens in the kitchen sink.  Again my scooter is a huge help.  I can do it myself as long as I have the scooter.  I just lock my brakes and put my leg on the “seat”.  The “seat” is designed so that that I can put my leg horizontally or vertically.  That is so hand especially in situations like this.

When I am at the kitchen table to eat I transfer to a kitchen chair but then my scooter is near and I can rest my leg on it still being able to elevate it.  The scooter has so many great uses.

You need a strong knee to use the scooter and a strong opposing leg.

I HIGHLY recommend one.  HIGHLY if you are in need of one.

I do have crutches too.  Having the scooter makes them pretty obsolete.  I do need them up and down stairs though.  For now, I’m doing all I can to avoid stairs.  I’m just living on the main floor for now and am a little afraid that I might end up there the duration of my foot problems.

Oh one thing I did for get to tell you.  Kelli took my bike basket off my bike and attached it to my scooter.  Here’s a link to my bike basket.  I wouldn’t be without the basket either.  We had tacos one night.  I could pull the condiments and things from the refrigerator, pop them into my basket and scoot off to the table where I unloaded the things onto the table.  I’ve put my phone in the basket so I can have it with me whenever I move about (I was ordered to do that and I’m complying).  I use the basket ALL THE TIME.  It is very beneficial.

I also discovered these.  It’s a cover that goes over my splint and I can shower.

Seal Tight Freedom Cast and Bandage Protector, Best Watertight Protection, Adult Leg

The thing from the doctor’s office was a joke.  This is nice.  The plastic is very thick and durable.  I am certain this will last me over my time that I’m out of commission.

I am so thankful that we’ve been able to get a few things to make my recovery a little bit easier.  Without these I’d be a couch potato and we all know that would be an awful thing.

Today’s my day to not have to be elevated all the time and to be able to be a little more mobile.  I’m a happy girl….yes, I know…I’ll still take it easy and force myself to do some sitting activities too.  Don’t worry.  I am not going to mess up this recovery.  I don’t want to have to go through this twice.

4 thoughts on “My Scooter”

  1. It’s great to see how well you are getting along! That scooter is a wonder! You will know when you are trying to do to much because your foot will swell and hurt. Just pay attention to what your body is telling you. You may be tempted to ignore the pain and keep going but don’t. The pain means something and you ignore it at your peril. You recovery will be faster and more successful in the long run if you listen to your body. I know, I’ve been through multiple surgeries!

  2. Betty (from Canada)

    I hope Jo doesn’t read the above ad.
    the way she thinks she would probably get one and then what would she do? Go Rio and enter in the Olympics.

  3. My husband shattered his ankle 18 months ago which required two surgeries a month apart followed by months of physical therapy and many weeks of not putting any weight on the injured ankle. For our 30th anniversary I got him a transfer bench for the tub/shower, along with a handheld adaptor & hose for the shower head. It meant that he could get in and out of the shower safely without danger of slipping in the soapy water and risking a fall and further injury. Not the most romantic gift, but practical and it gave him the ability to do his own self care as healing progressed.
    He was not a candidate for a scooter because of his injury, but friends who have had them appreciate the mobility and support they provide.

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