My Schnibble at Martingale

As a book review for Martingale and Company I have the option of keeping the books I review or giving them away.  I always feel guilty about keeping them as I know I have more than enough quilting things around here to keep busy and I really don’t NEED another quilting book.  A couple months ago they sent me Carrie Nelson’s “Another Bite Schnibbles”.  As I paged through is doing the big debate…do I keep it…do I give it away?

Oh..I wanted to keep it.   How could I not?  I have her first book, Schnibbles Times Two: Quilts from 5″ or 10″ Squares (That Patchwork Place), I have loved that one. I REALLY need another quilt book.

If you aren’t familiar with Carrie’s (Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company) designs, she makes small quilts she calls “Schnibbles” from two charm packs.  In her Schnibble books, she makes the quilts in two sizes…one small that uses charm packs and one larger using layer cakes.  As I paged through the book I couldn’t help think….

Cindy Lou Who….I made that and donated to Relay for Life.


Round About…I made that (even though I went the wrong way)!  It was a baby present.


Winter White..I made that and donated to the firemen’s benefit.


Picnic…I made that too.  That went for a youth benefit.


and Tag Along…I made that.   This one I gave to my hubby’s mom and she had it while she was in the nursing home.  I got it back now…


There are some I didn’t make….Two Percent…

and Decoy….

and Reveille and Getaway and Nash and OSO…oh I want to make all of them.  I don’t want to just make them in the small size.  I want to make some in the large size too.  That’s when I decided.  I was keeping the book regardless of whether I needed another quilting book or not.  The quilts are so perfect for gifts.  Small ones just need an extra border and they make perfect baby quilts…big ones make perfect wedding and graduation quilts.  Still…did I really need another book?

I didn’t review the book because, I was still feeling guilty.  There are other people who need the book more than me….but no I wanted this one…I pass on lots of books to my readers.

Then, Palmer from Stitch This (Martingale’s blog) contacted me and said he was doing a post about Carrie Nelson’s “Another Bite of Schnibbles” and could he use one of my photos in the post.  I said sure!  Well today is the day his blog featured Carrie Nelson’s book.  I read the blog post and saw that he was giving the book away!!  TWO in fact…TWO books.

Now I don’t feel one drop guilty.  I am keeping mine.  You all can hop over to Stitch It for your chance to win…my copy is staying with me..and I don’t feel guilty about keeping it either.

..Oh, by the way…My Lincoln quilt is the one that is pictured in on his blog.  You’ll have to read the story on my making that quilt…it was an adventure!


Good luck and I hope one of my readers win….tell them Jo sent you!!

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  1. Love the colours – pity they’re hard to find in the UK! Thanks for the inspiration and the peek inside the book – very helpful! Will ask my friend to bring it when she comes over this month.

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