My Saturday

Saturday was a busy day but a fun day too.  Kalissa held her first pop up sale for her LuLaroe business.  She had worked the day/night before.  There’s a shift at the ER at the hospital that runs from 1pm in the afternoon until 1am in the morning.  She then has a half hour drive home and next up, sleep.  She’s typically a bit wound so sleep doesn’t com quickly….especially not when she knew she had to be up and going for her sale.  Thankfully the sale was in New Hampton the neighboring town…but still she had to get Carver to his great grandma’s and set up for the vendor show that started at 10am.

Kelli was around and helped her set up and sell.  Those two have a pretty fun time together..even if it’s work.


The manikin even got to come along…and the manikin legs too!!


Kalissa bought some awesome clothes racks.  These go up and pop down pretty easily.


This was her very first show ever so it was a challenge to know how to pop everything up and down or where to place the racks for the best traffic flow.  All in all, she did a great job.


She put a few pieces together so people can imagine what would look good together more easily.


As a mom, it’s fun to see a daughter grow up and “be in their element”.  Of all of my kids Kalissa is the most at ease with her body.  She is so open to talking to people what does and what doesn’t looks good on them.  I saw her turn sales away because she was honest and would say, “that color doesn’t look the best on you”…or…”I love this piece because it hides my mom tum”.  At her age, I would have never felt comfortable with that.

I often tell her things like, since I am over 50 and post menopausal, I get hot easily.  She happily takes that information and puts a pleasant spin on it saying, “My mom is about your age and complains about being hot all the time.  She loves this long sweater vest.  You might too.”


She was super happy to find this rack that wheels around to store her leggings.  The bins are big and worked wonderfully.


Here’s the cutest outfit.  We couldn’t believe that it didn’t sell at the sale.  She ended up posting in on her Facebook group and it sold within a couple minutes.  It was such a nice grouping.


Had the shirt been a size smaller I would have definitely bought them.  When she got her initial shipment, she got a couple pairs of those leggings.  I was so tempted but did get a pair.  Sadly now they are all gone.  That’s the hard things about LuLaroe, things get snapped up and the likelihood of finding them again is nil.

I initially wasn’t going to come to the sale but Kalissa called me and told me that she had a shipment that was at the post office and if I was coming to town anyway, could I bring it.  I did.  I didn’t mind a bit.  Like I said earlier in this post, it’s fun to the mom and see your kids using their talents.

I helped for a bit.  Then from here I went to onto the two quilt shops in town and snapped pictures for a virtual quilt shop tour.  Watch for them coming up.

Then I was back home and fixing food to take to the fireman’s family get together tonight.  It’s been a bit since we’ve been out and socializing.  I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. Kalissa seems to be loving her new adventure with LuLaroe. She does a wonderful job of pairing items together and making it all flow.

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