My Saturday

I LOVE my weekends.  Someone said if you love your weekends so much, then you aren’t enjoying your life.  Not true for me.  I love my life but I love my weekends best as I’m free to come and go as I please.  My house is mine and I don’t have to share it with kiddos.

I had a itinerary of plans…

First stop, Maynard Iowa.  There’s a lady making Quilt of Valor quilts there and I got to play Fabric Fairy and deliver some fabric for her.  If anyone has more red, white or blue fabric for her, feel free to send it my way.  Darlene is working to make 14 quilts so that the area Veterans all get a quilt.  She has four done already.  I saw them and they were wonderful.

As I was driving away I saw a garage sale and of course stopped.  I found some beer goblets that I bought to put in the antique booth.  I sure wish I had known if Kelli is having a girl or boy.  I would have bought her ALL of the girl things at the garage sale but alas…they aren’t finding out.

Next stop, Sandra’s in Hazelton Iowa.  Sandra works with several charitable church groups in the area making charity quilts.  She showed me the quilts she was working on…WOW.  All were awesome.  I can’t wait to show some of them off to you.

Driving towards Kayla’s took me through Independence…Can you believe I found an estate sale??  I was thrilled.  I went inside and bought Pyrex.  It sells really well in the antique booth.  It’s one of our hottest sellers.  I bought a set of nesting casserole dishes, a brown set of nest Cinderella bowls and a matching large oval casserole dish.  I got a stack of handkerchiefs too.  FUN!!

By now, Kayla called wondering where I was.  LATE.  I couldn’t not stop though and visiting a bit with the ladies I dropped fabric too was fun.  She’s super understanding so it was not a big deal.

Next I was heading towards Kayla.  We decided to meet up in Delhi Iowa.  It’s about 20 minutes from her house.  The plan was to meet there near a bar/restaurant, jump into my vehicle and then go thrifting and stop at the Amish.  Then come back to the restaurant for lunch and then part ways.  We’ve done this before and it’s a nice trip.

Before I got into Delhi, there was an Amish bakery so I stopped.  Apple pie for Spencer…Blueberry pie for Hubby.  And treats….

Kayla and I each had things we were gifting to the other so we did a big swap.  Then I saw this in the back seat of her car….She brought it with for show and tell.  Oh my.  The things this girl can do with scrappy small yarn bits.  I love it.  It’s a work in progress.  She said MANY people in her life are having babies and she’s having trouble keeping up on afghans.  
From there we went thrifting.  I got 20 some cotton shirts….plus other goodies.  Then on to the Amish “bent and dent” grocery stores.  Typically I like the store near Kayla’s better but this time, I didn’t have a lot of luck.  I probably shouldn’t say that as I bought two banana boxes full of groceries.

Nest stop LUNCH.  The place in Delhi is really good….a little spendy but really good.

By 3:30pm I was headed home.  It was a quick but fun visit with Kayla.  I love a chance to catch up and visit.  That intertwined with our kind of thrifting is a perfect day!!

As I got in the truck I thought to myself: I am going to drive past my “bent and dent” grocery store and see if they are open on my way home.  Maybe they might have the things Kayla’s didn’t.

They were open…I stopped and had WONDERFUL luck.  Two more banana boxes of groceries came home with me!!

From there…HOME.  It was shortly before 6pm when I pulled in.  Hubby was home and helped me unload.  How nice.  Little things like help bringing in the groceries makes me so happy.

About then is when I decided that it was time.  I was going to reorganize the cupboards….

I gutted this cabinet….

All clean and reorganized.  (Oh my Jo…NO MORE CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!)
This is the canned goods, non perishable cabinet.  I went on and reorganized the crackers/snacks cupboard and my baking supplies cupboard.

By 8pm I was pooped.  So I grabbed the shirts I bought, sat down on the couch, watched television and took the backs out of all the shirts I bought.

By 9:30, it was off to bed for me.  I had a long, good and very happy Saturday.  It was the best of all of my worlds.
-I got to play Fabric Fairy
2-I got to garage sale
4-I got to thrift
5-I got groceries stocked
6-I got some house cleaned
7-I got to listen to my audio book

13 thoughts on “My Saturday”

  1. You work with kids at home, I work with kids at school. My perfect weekends are the opposite…stay home! I have a 25-minute commute to school. Last week we had an early out…this allowed me to go to my favorite quilt shop an hour away, to my favorite thrift shop, food shopping etc.. It was so nice to do this on Friday so that Saturday and Sunday I was able to stay home. I have the same schedule this week…4 day weekend thanks to the football team going to State!! Lots of sewing will happen this weekend plus some purging for Goodwill!

  2. What a wonderful weekend and yet you got a lot done. I will have to check my red white and blue fabrics for you, what a wonderful mission to make so many quilts for veterans. I love that large cabinet, wow! great storage and now its so nicely organized. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  3. Not only do you NOT need more chocolate chips, you have them stashed front and center where you can see them every time you open the doors. Good place to “keep track” of them.
    Thank you so much for all your blogpost sharing. It was great to read about why people give away quilts, and why others don’t really care about quilts. I think ALL fabric is Good. The polyester fabric in my “going-to-college quilt” has lasted so long, and still looks vibrant. I miss the polyester fabrics, no ironing, great patterns, durable, wash-and-wear care, So Easy to enjoy. I have learned to put the less sturdy fabric near the edges of a quilt, because the centers and edges themselves tend to wear out first.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I’m so glad you had a lot of fun! Getting a day off once in awhile to do as you please is relaxing even if tiring. I enjoyed hearing about it.

  5. I love your cabinet…not too deep, just right to see everything. I understand the chocolate chip thing. I do that too! I’ve been trying to use mine up and NOT buy any more. Do your bags shift on you and fall out when you open the cabinet doors? Mine use to do that, and they were up high and would bop me on the head. At least yours are at eye level! Happy baking!!!!

  6. Jo, have you found the packages of chips from Hersheys that have both peanut butter and milk chocolate chips in the same package. They make great cookies. This year is the first that I have seen maple chips. I used them in the recipe I had for oatmeal choc chip cookies, and they turned out great. Maybe you do need more chips!

  7. Jo,
    I too am a chocolate chip hoarder. My daughter made cookies the other day and informed my we are out!! What?!! Time to start checking for sales:)

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I also hoard chocolate chips, but I keep mine in the freezer and they last for years!! I used to bake cookies all the time, but since hubby discovered he was diabetic, I pretty much stopped baking them since I would be the one to eat them all!! Sounds like you had a most wonderful Saturday!

  9. That’s my kind of Saturday. I spend half the day with my daughter shopping and I love it. My husband is disabled and so I spend all the rest of the time all week with him so Saturdays are my days to “go wild”. You certainly fit a lot into your day!

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