My Saturday

Hubby and I have really been wanting to get away….and when I say away, I mean for an afternoon.  That hasn’t happened at all!  Finally Saturday afternoon was our day.  We had plans to go to Hoppy’s Primitives and Proper it’s in LaPorte City, Iowa..and you guessed right if you thought it was an antique shop.

Before we did that…Hubby had to work the morning and I ran and did errands.  Neighbor Girl came with.  I haven’t seen much and then the last few days I’ve seen her lots.

While I was in town I found some pretty good thrifty deals that I’ll tell you about another time.  In between stops Kalissa called and asked what I was doing.   She was a the Rust and Dust market in Dunkerton, Iowa.  She was hoping I might be available to deliver a second batch of items to sell.  Things were selling so well that she thought her booth was bare so once home, Hubby and I loaded up her stuff and went.  Luckily for us all it was in the exact direction of the antique shop we’ve been wanting to go to. So we dropped her stuff off and were on to Hoppy’s.

Fire hydrants is the first thing that caught Hubby’s eye.  He bought all three!  There are guys on the fire department that have been looking for them.

The outside had lots of fun primitives….

The inside had even cooler things.

This is a husband/wife ran shop…no consignors so that’s nice.

Something that the couple specializes in is old cabinets and cupboards.

They always have the neatest things on their Facebook page.  I highly recommend following it.  Typically there are only one or two things a day.

You can find things with LOTS of drawers there.

Unusual things too….fake fruit in a chicken waterer….

They also specialize in lighting.  All of it is awesome!!

There are other goodies too….like the hexagon quilt. in the picture below.

Check out this 10″ long harvest table.  Sorry.  It’s sold.

More things with drawers.

More drawers…

I loved all their things….

I’d have considered refinishing this for the house when we were fixing it up…

Check out this machine…yes it’s a sewing machine.  I think they told us it was a “Florence” machine….

It’s from the 1800’s.  He popped off the top and showed us.  Hmm.  I had never seen one like this before.  Are any of you in the market for one?

…shucks.  Another sold item.

We had lots of fun!!

From there we headed back home.  Kalissa was still at her show.  I talked Hubby into going back to the show and giving her a potty break.    We ended up staying and helping her tear down.

The new thing she has at shows now is T-shirts.  They have been pretty successful.  This is “vintage soul”…only comes in this color….

“Gone Junking”…only in this color….

“Antique Geek”…only in this color.

If you’re interested you can message her thought her Facebook Page here.

We packed her up and got her heading towards home.  She had to shower and then go on into work.  Crazy girl.  She books her life a little too full sometimes…but she’s trying to pay off her student loans.  What’s a girl to do?

From there Hubby and I headed to the local bar…a beer and burger was just what we needed.  That’s about as much of a get away as we do and that’s completely all right with me!!  It was the perfect kind of Saturday for me!!

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  1. OMG I did enjoy tagging along through your wonderful pictures of Poppy’s! Especially loved all the cabinets & lights! Thx for sharing your great sat!!

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