My Saturday

Saturday I decided I would try to catch up on blog posts.  I like to have a few done in advance so that there’s not a pressure to have one done.  It really makes blogging a lot easier for me.

It had been a long week and started out by deciding that I would sleep in…Neighbor Girl typically comes over early-like 7 am- so Friday night I left a note on the white board that I mounted on the door between the garage and the house.  It said, “I’m sleeping in.  Come back at 10:00.”  I didn’t know if she’d come but I knew she’d see the note if she did.

Saturday rolled around and I couldn’t sleep in so was awake by 6:30 puttering around upstairs until Ruby wanted outside and then I was downstairs writing blog posts….shortly after 10:00am Neighbor Girl showed up.  Yep, she had been over earlier and saw the note.

She played here while I wrote blog posts.  Before long Hubby came home and someone needed to go get his meds.  I asked Neighbor Girl if she wanted to go.  She did so we messaged mom and that was okay.  Then we messaged Kalissa to see if she wanted to go.  She did so off we went.

We started out at a thrift store…all clothing was 5 pieces for $1.  Yep, I found 6 men’s shirts…Neighbor Girl found two shirts for her too.  From there…next thrift store…more goodies including a table Kalissa found.  I got a few things for childcare and a bracelet.  Neighbor Girl found a couple things too.  She came to my house that morning with zebra print leggings.  We ended up finding a zebra print shirt and a bathrobe too.  She seems to love zebra prints.

Then is was off to eat.  Ede’s Angry Pickle was our destination.


Kalissa and I adore the Fish Chowder there.  It is SO good.


It’s really neat.  They have table cloths but they put a piece of paper over the top of the cloth.  There is a jar with crayons there so you can decorate the paper.  Neighbor Girl had fun with that.  I got a crayon, made a heart and wrote best buddies over the top of the heart and wrote our initials inside the heart.  She got a HUGE smile when she saw that.


Of course Carver got hungry just as we started to eat….  Here’s Kalissa “doing it all”!!


From there we were on to Wal-Mart to do the errands.

We got back into our town and Kalissa asked if I thought Hubby would fix the top of it for her.  There was paint and stuff on it.  I said we could stop and ask.  He came out to the truck and looked at it.  He said yes and she proceeded to carry it into the garage herself.


Then posed on it….Silly Girl.


The table is awesome for what Kalissa needs.  She has to photograph her LuLaroe clothes.  She can layout items on this table without having to put them on the floor.  The height is perfect.


The table was in the garage for only a couple hours and Hubby already had the top off and was working on it.

Neighbor Girl was AWESOME in town.  She didn’t ask for things….wasn’t whiny.  We’ll definitely take her to town again.  She has a great laugh and it’s infectious.  It’s so easy to do the simplest of things to see her smile….the best part, as good as we are to her, she’s just as good to us.

Back at my house she put on all her zebra printed things.  She was SO-SO cute!!

It was a great Saturday….and I didn’t even do a stitch of sewing.

4 thoughts on “My Saturday”

  1. Fun filled day! Can’t believe your neighbor girl comes over so early on weekends! That will change when she’s a teenager!!! You are a wonderful friend Jo!

  2. It’s so nice your neighbor girl enjoys being with you. It’ll be a lifelong connection i predict. I used to be a neighbor girl to a dear lady and now I visit her in the nursing home. I always come away with joy filling my heart and a couple of tears because our visits are still so good!

  3. Every neighbor girl needs a friend like you! I hope her mother realized what a jewel they found when they moved in near you!

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