My Saturday

I had a great Saturday…

I had plans to meet my friend Doreen.  She was so sweet and bought tickets for us for a play at the Gallagher Bluedorn in Cedar Falls on the UNI campus.  Plans were for us to meet at 11 am at her house.

Well…that “junk” sale that I really love was happening and it was on the way to Doreen’s.  This time around the junk sale was more garage sale.  The gals that host the event were cleaning out the stuff that they wanted to move out.

I was tempted to get this toy box.

Kayla is collecting old patches.  This was a great find.

Things were really on clearance prices.  These lockers were only $1.  They were rusty inside but if Kramer would have still been here I’d have bought them and he’d have fixed them up.

Check out the commode chair.

I got a couple of boxes of things for Kayla and a shelf for me..but that’s about it.

From there it was off to Doreen’s.  We drove to Barn Happy.  It’s a fun little shop just south of Cedar Falls.  They specialize in the goodies from Iowa and serve lunches with the option of pies and other great goodies.  Here is a sampling of the goodies…

The building was originally a barn but now it’s a gift shop and restaurant.  So fun.

I’ll have to go back sometime as Doreen said they have antiques in another building.

After lunch, it was off to the play.  Here is the booklet.  The play was the Suffragist.  It was really good.  It’s the world premiere of the play.  Doreen and I were both excited to see it and Carrie Chapman Catt was in the play and she originates from Charles City Iowa which is only a few towns over from us.

Doreen and I both very much enjoyed the play and recommend it if you ever get a chance to see it.

Here’s a fun note…

During intermission, I got a chance to read the playbook.  Note the part that says Robin Kime.  It’s not a super common name.  I know a Robin Kime.  She graduated with Kalissa and if I remembered right she did graduate from UNI with a theatre degree.  Hmm.  I wondered if it was indeed the same gal.

I told Doreen about it and when the play came back on, I hunted for the person that I thought was the Robin Kime I knew.  I found her!

I later sent her a note congratulating her on a find performance!!  SO FUN!!

When we got back to Doreen’s she gave me a tour of her sewing room.  She’s so lucky she had a lovely space over her garage…a really nice big space.

I had such a fun day.  Doreen spoils me.  I really appreciate it lots.  I love my kids and very much enjoy time with them but it’s also great to get out and do something with “adults” (not that my kids aren’t adults, I think you know what I mean…)  I’m terrible at doing that for myself so having Doreen to get me out of the house is awesome!!

That was my Saturday…it was such a good day it made coming home and tackling my email not so bad!!  THANKS a million Doreen!!

11 thoughts on “My Saturday”

  1. Christina Coats

    did I spot correctly in the sixth pic large cotton reel bobbins? Here in the Uk it’s not easy to find such items. Would of loved them and make them into a couple of children’s seats. Good job I’m here or in would live in that barn!!!

  2. Conversation with a friend is very different than what we talk about with adult children. I’m glad you had a opportunity to get out and have fun. I have a lunch date next week with my best friend, the first in over a year. Friends are golden to me.

  3. Sounds like a very fun day and so glad you could do it. Everybody needs a fun day and sometimes that is away from family. So happy you had and enjoyed the play.

  4. A friend and I have a saying “we need our peers!”. We love our children and grands but we need the companionship of people close to our own age too.
    Looks like you had a fun day.

  5. Coleen Weller

    My daughter got me some lockers about like those but mine are yellow. My husband was going to fix them up for me for my sewing supplies. He had even found new hardware to fix the door latches but he passed away before he got to that project. Sure miss him and his ability to fix just about anything.

  6. Carrie Chapman Catt’’s childhood home is west of hwy 218 between Nashua n Charles City. It’s a beautiful brick house and tour was so interesting. Great place to visit. Thanks for sharing about the play!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Glad you had a great day. We all need times like that. In your pictures of the barn I saw a book about Waterloo, do they have an e mail that I can get in touch with them? I was born in Waterloo.

  8. Ginny Andersen

    I also enjoy going to the theater with my dear HS girlfriends. We usually buy season tickets for the local summer season. Of course, 2020 was a bust but we get to go to see Little House on the Prairie next Sunday afternoon. I am excited! Going with girlfriends is so different than with your kids. I really understand what you mean. To also get to browse in such a fun place sounds like your day was a perpetual smile!

  9. I had a friend like Doreen unfortunately she passed. We had so much fun together. Adult Girlfriend time is different than any other. How much was that adult potty chair? I would have bought it, then been on the hunt for a chamber pot. I was hoping you were going to tell us you met the woman you recognized in the play since they all line up after the play. Sorry you didn’t get to speak.

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