My Rug is FINISHED!!

Friday night I was pooped.  After childcare I did all the housecleaning I could stand to do.  I always do housecleaning over the weekend so the house is clean and ready for childcare on Monday.  To often it happens on Sunday night and I’m scrambling.  This week I decided to push and do all I could on Friday night and enjoy the weekend.  It was a good plan.

I had it all clean before Hubby got home and then bargained for take out pizza so I didn’t mess the clean kitchen.

After that I suggested television.  We haven’t watched television in the evening in the living room around here in over five weeks.  We’re just been busy.

While watching I decided to work on my second rug…and it’s finished.



This one is made from T-shirts.  I made it to “match” the first one I made.  Here you can see them both….and Ruby.
They don’t really match as the pattern isn’t the same but I did use similar colors.  Both have a lots of navy blue in them.



Right not the plan is that one will go by the sink and the other by the stove.


I thought about packing the frame away but I don’t think I am going to do that yet.

I was thinking about making rugs for the upstairs bathroom.  I’ll have to be on the hunt for more gray T-shirts before I can start that though.

I really do like twining rugs.  It’s relaxing and easy.

If you want more information about the rugs, find that here.

7 thoughts on “My Rug is FINISHED!!”

  1. Very pretty rugs! I like your idea for making them for the bathroom too! Rugs always make a room feel warmer and cozier.

  2. Your rugs are wonderful! I just finished making my second twined rug too, though I used quilt and shirt fabric. I put one very multi-colored one in my bathroom and love that now no matter what color towels I hang, they match a color in the rug! I’m currently de-boning worn jeans to use in a denim rug. I also have bunches of rip-stop nylon I plan to use for a door mat on the front porch. I love twining!

  3. Jo, I have this exact loom. I sure enjoyed making mine. Did you get the stand? I usually lean it up to the foot rest in the family room and sit on the floor. I’ve made two in green/tans. My niece was visiting once and enjoyed helping me with the second one. I ended up getting her the placemat loom. She’s yet to finish her first one, but she’s a student so studies come first. I’m using up my scrap strips. It sure makes a dent quickly. Like your idea of t-shirts. Love the idea of a denim rug. Sandi

    1. If you liked fabric you’re gonna love working with T-shirts. They are MUCH easier to work with. The strips roll into a tube making a nice rug.

  4. Jo, approximately how many t-shirts did it take for one rug? I have my frame made but haven’t started my first rug yet. Too busy holding the dogs on my lap in the evenings.

    1. I’m gonna say likely 10. That’s just a guess. I don’t use the logo area but some T-shirts have big logos and some none. So somewhere around 10.

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