My Rug is FINISHED!! and I answer some questions…

I’m so happy my rug is finished.  I worked on it Sunday night while watching Downton Abbey and Mercy Street and had it almost done.


This is the point where it gets really hard to work on.  I’ve learned that using a Hemostat is very, very helpful.  I can poke it between the warp and grab the piece of fabric and pull it through.  It’s also great for hiding the tails of fabric to weave them in place. rug-2

It’s finished…so now for the moment of truth.  Time to take the rug off the frame.  Although I know I did it right this is always the moment of truth.

Wow…I like it.  Sitting on the floor with my red counters looks good.


Here’s a closer look.  I didn’t keep track of how many shirts I used but I think about 9 or 10.  Some of the shirts had a logo on the front or back and I didn’t use that portion of the shirt.  The yellow shirt was an old stained up one of mine.  I can’t see the stains anymore!!

I put it out on the floor in the kitchen.  I think I want to make another one so I have one by the stove and one by the sink.  I think I’ll make the other one with a different pattern though.  Similar colors…different pattern.  I need a Downton Abbey project and there’s still more episodes so I still have time to work on rugs.  I’m going to have Hubby tweak my rug frame and then I’ll wrap warp for another rug.  I am so glad that Mary had a rug along.  It got me to do a project I’ve been wanting to tackle.

It really didn’t take very long at all….

I did get a couple question from blog readers regarding the rug…here’s one from Becky, “I have a loom that I started a long time ago and was using stops of fabric, but can’t even remember how to do it. Got any suggestions on getting back into it? I can email a picture if you want to see it. Any instructions on doing the rug or did you have that in another blog?”

I am making the assumption that you have this type of frame.  I learned to do this from purchasing a book from Country Threads.  You can do that as well.  You can find the link to do that here.  The best thing about having the book is that there are pictures…and they have a DVD that shows how as well.  Making the rugs is so relaxing.  It’s also an excellent way to use up fabric that you no longer care for.  This time around I used T-shirts and I loved the way they worked up.  It’s also nice to be able to use colors that will completely match your decor.

Many people have been “rugging along” with Mary.  If you read their blog you can see many of the rugs that people have been making.  Here’s the link to their blog.

Sonja also asked, “Did you make your frame? If so instructions please.  Or did you buy it? If so , can you give me details.  I have always been interested in rug making, I couldn’t afford a loom.  Thank you for your time.”

Hubby made the frame.  The instructions for making them is in the book that I mentioned above…Like you I was always interested in making rugs but couldn’t afford and didn’t have the space for a loom.  I believe the book gives directions to make frames in three sizes-throw rug, placemat and table runner.  I have frames in all those sizes and have since made the frame that this rug was woven on.  It’s a little smaller that the largest on in the book.  I have a table sized rug that I keep by the door.  The childcare kids all put their shoes on it.  I have a placemat size for the dog bowls.

Mary is really the expert on rugs.  Here’s the link to their blog.  At one point I know Mary made several rugs then sewed them together and made an area rug.  I’ve thought about doing that.  She also made a smaller stair sized frame and made stair rugs.

I do have to warn you though…making the rugs is a little addicting.

8 thoughts on “My Rug is FINISHED!! and I answer some questions…”

  1. That is really pretty Jo, it looks like you used a ‘constant’ for one of the strands and a color for the other – I really like it. I am making one and it is really random and I like it too but yours is more calm. I think I will have to try that next time, but first I need to get this one done!

  2. Oh and thanks for the hemostat idea, I usually use a crochet hook or needle nosed pliers to grab those ends, now I have another tool to try.

  3. Your rug is very pretty. I have the loom and book just haven’t started making one yet! I knitted our bathroom rug using cut up tshirts and its a cushy and durable rug. That was fun to make but got very heavy towards the end!

  4. Jo,What are you putting on the back of the rug to make it slip proof? I have hard wood floors in this house and had to get rid of the all my woven rugs I made on my four harness loom. We don’t want you or anyone else falling, esp. since you have kids in the house.
    I’ve heard that the rubberized shelving stuff works good.

  5. Hemostats! I thought I was the only one who used them for craft-stuff! They’re the perfect blend of tweezers and tiny pliers, with the holding ease of scissors! I keep one in my sewing essentials box, and another with my cutting tools!

    Beautiful rug! I love working with T-Shirt fabric, but haven’t woven anything (yet)!

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