My Quilting Buddy

I have been really busy quilting my latest Moda Bake Shop quilt.  I’ve not just been quilting it…I am been really quilting it!!  Dawn the Pajama Quilter sent me her machine quilting DVD to try and try it I did.  It has really changed my quilting…for one thing, I have been using LOTS more thread.  Typically I just stipple, I can do a quilt in a night…not this time around.  I have been at it three nights.

My quilting machine is in our spare bedroom and Gracie comes up and hangs out while I work.  I think she is a little bored with the quilting process as it’s cut into her attention but she is patiently hanging out on the bed waiting for me to finish.

I am just so excited about the quilting that I am going to give you a sneak peak at the project.

I had no idea that I would ever be able to freehand a design like that!!  Wait until you see the whole quilt.  It’s far from perfect…but it’s good enough for me!!

17 thoughts on “My Quilting Buddy”

  1. Hi Jo!

    I’ve been debating for a couple of years on whether to not buy or buy one or both of the pajama quilter dvd. I think your blog post has convinced me to take the plunge. Were you sent just the video or the video and workbook? I’m not sure on getting one or both.


  2. You know how to use pictures as a teaser ;) I’m looking forward to see the whole quilt! Congrats on your quilting – it looks great! So, will you write a review about the DVD as well??

  3. Looks like someone is having a ball! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Pretty fabric collection plus fun quilting will equal gorgeous quilt!

  4. OK, I love what I see so far…..when do we get to see the whole thing? I am really liking what you’ve shown us!

  5. My quilting buddy is a Beagle, also. Her name is Maggie and she is my companion when everyone else is in bed.

  6. I love that DVD – now if I just had a frame and machine! This is very motivating, Jo. :-) The quilt and quilting look beautiful!!

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