My Quiet House…

My quilting machine came.  I should we running around, dancing and being all excited about it but…I just don’t have it in me yet.  My mind is on soft and cuddly….

My daughter, Kalissa, put a photo collage together and we’ve been looking through pictures of Gracie.

I laugh and remember the times….even those times when she’d dig in the garbage, I wish for them all back.

I know it’s early in the process but the quiet will drive me crazy.  I work from home and there is often no one to talk to or interact with all day.  Gracie was that “someone” for me…and miss it.  She would get me outside and moving.  I need that.

I know it’s soon but we’ve already started talking about another dog…and honestly I think Gracie would want me have a new “someone”.

We are not afraid of rescue dogs but our daughter is really pushing for a puppy.   She was really little when we our other dogs were puppies.  She wants a puppy experience.  Puppies bring so much energy, but I think I’m up for it.  I learned a lot about training from Gracie.  If I were to choose…I’d get a rescue dog again, but it’s a family decision and hubby is leaning towards a puppy too.

Kalissa spent part of today after school looking on line for a puppy….she can’t stand the quiet either.  It so hard, if we get a puppy I’d like to get one soon so I have some outdoor training time before winter sets in.  What’s a respectable amount of time to pass??

So slowly we are beginning the process of looking for a new dog….after looking for a few hours, Kalissa is certain that there is not one to be had, but I am confident there is one out there for us.  It will never be my Gracie but it will find it’s own way into my heart.   If anyone knows of a quality, reliable family who is raising beagles, don’t be afraid to drop us a note.

Thank you to all of you readers who have been so supported and kind in your comments.  The family has been reading them and are just amazed at how wonderful all of you are.  After reading the comments Kalissa said, “Mom, Gracie was your mascot.  I never realized that.”

I’ll be a bit more cheery tomorrow and will show you the quilting machine.

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  1. Hang in there Jo, I completely understand. We rescued a wonderful dog 4 1/2 years ago after our last child left for the service. I named him Buddy and he is all that, my buddy. The perfect dog will come into your life again and be your buddy. Hugs, Sharon Engel, Colorado

  2. I sent my sympathies in a previous note, but here’s another thought. Maybe you could make a quilt and donate to the animal shelter for a fund raiser? What a wonderful tribute to Gracie that would be! And perhaps some of us that so enjoy your blogs could donate some of the material for it? Just a thought. . .

  3. I think the love of a new furry baby, might make you and your family heal quicker. It never really goes away, you’ll always love Gracie and miss her. You loved her enough to give her a loving home and a modeling career. You also loved her enough to let her go so she wouldn’t suffer. I still miss my beagle “Bagel” she’s been gone 11yrs. We’ve had a rescue smooth hair collie “Sandy” that we got to keep me company while I went through chemo from breast cancer. She was 4 when we got her, she’s 10 now, I never thought I could love another like my Bagel, but I do love Sandy. I understand how your feeling, whatever you do, I hope you and your family find peace. Toni Anne

  4. I don’t think that you need to worry about an appropriate amount of time to pass before you get another dog. We found our rescue beagle, Skylar, in October and the following January we lost our beagle, Bud. Having Skylar made all the difference and it didn’t mean we loved Bud or missed him less. I agree with you when you say that Gracie would want her ‘peeps’ to be happy and not lonely.

  5. There’s never a right or wrong amount of time to wait. Just the idea that you want to share your life with another dog, shows how much love you have to give. Listen to your heart.

  6. Jo, It is never too early to get another dog to fill your time. Gracie will always be in your thoughts as you are raising the new dog. My husband made it less than 24 hours to get a new pup after we had to put our dog to sleep. That was about 7 years ago and we still talk about the funny things that dog did. Best of luck finding a new friend to share a good life with.

  7. I was so sorry to hear about Gracie. I really enjoyed seeing her in your photos. It was so funny how she wanted to be in the picture. I know it is painful to lose a pet, our pets become part of our family. My daughter and family has a rescue “bagel” and the is such a sweetie too.


  8. Please…don’t worry about cheering up, or showing your machine to us. Take this time to mend from the loss of Gracie. I have been through this too many times…yes, by all means add a new family member. But don’t try and pass on the grieving, it is a much needed time in you and your families life. ♥

  9. The right amount of time before you get another dog is whatever is best for your family. I think Gracie would want you to get another dog so it could have as good a home as she had. Don’t be surprised though if that next dog isn’t a beagle. My son & daughter-in-law wound up with a Schnauzer/Terrier cross rescue dog when they weren’t even looking for another dog (they already had three) and he has turned out to be the dearest, lovingest dog ever. Just a couple months later their female Chocolate Lab, Jennie, was diagnosed with cancer and died about a month later. It was meant to be.

    My daughter-in-law gathered up all the pictures of Jennie she could find and made a scrapbook of her life. I think it really helped them deal with the loss.

  10. Jo when the time is right you will know it. Try They have rescued and shelter dogs and puppies. I’m on their everyday looking for a little buddie. I know your pain. Blessings to you and your family

  11. You have been on my mind all day. It is so difficult to loose our furry friends when you see them age, but to loose Gracie so suddenly makes the loss more difficult. I am glad you are open to bringing in another four footed friend. I lost my pekingese and waited four years until I got my pug, Sierra. Only when Sierra came into my home did I realize how much I had missed. Sierra rescued me… it wasn’t the other way around. Sierra went over the Bridge two years ago… but she told us it was time and gave us lots of warning to prepare. Our Biscuit was a rescue and she now rules the house. There is a four footed friend out there for you and your family. She will never be Gracie, but she will bring you love, joy, and happiness in her own way.

  12. Rescue organizations have puppies, too – that is where my now eight year old poodle came from – best dog I ever had! My dad’s best friend always got a dog very quickly after he lost one – couldn’t bear to be without the company:)

  13. It’ll just take time. Only you know when you are ready to bring a new furbaby into the family. I thought about it too, but we still have a 14 yr old cow dog and I would hate for him to have to get used to a puppy at his age. Reminiscing is a good thing and quilting on your new machine will begin the healing.

  14. Hi Jo,
    I understand your feelings, get the puppy it’s nice to have some company around the house when you are along. Heck, my little dog Kahlua and the cat Miss. Kitty follow me around every day. When I go to the bathroom the cat sticks her paws under the door and the dog her nose! I would really miss my little buddies if I lost them, I know that the time will come but I need the love from my furry little friends!

  15. our dogs have all been shelter dogs that we got as puppies. best dogs in the world. they just want to be loved, that’s all. don’t even think about it being too soon to get another dog. go this weekend to the shelter and look at those furbabies. maybe one will steal your heart. you are right to want to get some nice weather for housebreaking. that’s a full time job! beagles are great, but don’t limit yourself (me, i’m partial to big dogs! but i’ve never met a beagle i didn’t like.)

  16. When we lose a fur-baby it is such a hole in our lives, only you know how soon it will be before you can fill it. Wishing you all the best. I don’t know if you will ever find such a willing quilt model again but I hope you do and that he/she covers your heart with big slobbery dog-kisses.

  17. I agree with it will all fall into place when the time is right. We lost our red heeler to a car accident earlier this spring. He was chasing a car and met another going the other way – broke his back, he seemed fine, hardly a scratch but we had to have him put down because he couldn’t use his legs. That was hard to let him go. After that we wanted another to keep our older dog company and to get trained to work cows. We weren’t having any luck finding one, had reached out to everyone we knew who might have a puppy or know where there were some at. Finally looked on and found some a couple of hours away. Called them and they had 2 left. We went and looked and came home with one. He has been amazing and it timed out perfectly that he was old enough to start training when we weaned calves so he is getting twice a day working calves. I still miss the one we lost – always will. I worried it would be to soon but it is ok. Puppies have a way of keeping you occupied, I forgot how much stuff they can get into or drag up – must be like child birth that you forget the painful part because I don’t remember any of our other dogs ever getting in so much trouble, but they probably did. When it’s meant to be another one will find a loving home with you. Best of luck. Enjoy that new quilting machine!!

  18. I know how you are feeling. I have lost 2 of my sweet dogs this year. If I didn’t already have 6 other dogs I would have gotten another one right away. You’ll know when the time is right. Don’t forget that rescue organizations always have puppies too.

  19. Whenever the time feels right to you and your family is the right time to get a sibling for Gracie. Gracie knows you will always love her and hold her close to your heart, but she also knows that you need a pup to hold and love. If you wake at midnight wanting a pup, get a pup, if you wake at 2 am and want a pup, get a pup. The time is right when you feel it’s right. Becky

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  21. Every time I looked at my Beagle, Barney, today I thought of you and how much you must be missing Gracie. Barney is almost 8, very stubborn, and makes me crazy but I know I will miss him when he’s gone. We got him when He was six weeks old. You will know when the time is right to get another dog. Follow your heart. I think the idea that someone mentioned of making a quilt in Gracie’s memory is a great Idea, what a wonderful tribute to her. Your quilts are always beautiful but the pictures won’t be quite the same without Gracie posing on them. Praying for all of you.

  22. I know Gracie will be in your hearts forever. Having another dog won’t change it and a new puppy will bring the joy and happiness back.I had a little dog when I was a child and when it died I said I would never have another. Last year, after many years of begging from my DD and DS I finally agreed to have a puppy . It was the best thing I did. Blackie is the joy of the house.
    So if you fell like it’s time to have a new dog, just do it.
    Hugs from Portugal,


  23. Jo – never apologize for going through the grieving process. You take our time. We are praying for you. And praying that you find the right, new friend for you and your family.

  24. Let yourself miss your girl-it’s okay. Gracie’s story will continue on, our lab is 11yrs and entering her twilight. I’ve been strangely comforted by your posts this week, being Gracie’s voice, champion, cheering squad, and finally loving her enough to let go. I know the right puppy is out there waiting for you. Rest up and enjoy the calm (if you can ;) ).

  25. When I put my 17 year old female Shih-tzu,Pookie, to sleep, I ached so badly. My husband talked me into getting a male Shih-tzu puppy when I was ready for another one, so it wouldn’t remind me of Pookie. I loved this puppy but it did not fill that empty spot. A few months later I got another male shih-tzu puppy and still the same thing. I ached so much for the one I lost. About a year later, I saw this female shih-tzu puppy and she stole my heart. Almost had a divorce over that puppy but I brought her home and have never been sorry. She filled the empty spot inside me. I still think of my Pookie but I could finally let her go.
    Everyone of us is different. After I put Pookie to sleep, I only waited a few weeks before getting a puppy. I think it helped to have a fuzzy thing around again.
    Do what is right for you.

  26. On April 26, 2012, my dear little dog, Molly, passed away and I was heartbroken. I live alone and she was a huge part of my daily existance. In my heart, I know that the best thing to do is get another little friend and I started looking immediately on the computer. I found Sparkle, a Shi Tzu mix – 1 – 1 1/2 yrs. old, who had been used as a breeder, I got her from the group that rescued her. She has indeed brought Sparkle back into my life, she doesn’t replace Molly, nothing ever will, however she adds to the pleasures that I will remember as I get older.
    My advice is to find a little friend sooner than later and even if it isn’t a puppy, it will worm it’s way into your hearts and make beautiful memories for you all.

  27. Hi Jo,
    Sorry about the lost of Gracie. If you are interested in Beagle mixed puppies at a rescue, they have 2 at K9 Kindness Rescue in Davenport IA. They have a FB page so you can see them.

  28. We got our beagle, Pebbles, from a lovely Mennonite family in Kalona, Iowa about 3 years ago as a puppy. Not sure how far that is from where you are. But maybe worth looking into. I don’t know what we would do without her. So sorry about your loss.

  29. So sorry to hear about Gracie. I don’t think you have to worry about a “respectable amount of time”. We all grieve in our own way and time. If getting another dog helps you and your family then I think you should. Hugs.

  30. has 4 puppies that are available today. I just googled beagles for sale in Iowa and they came up. They are so cute – 3 girls, 1 boy – I just might have to drive across the country and get one!!! Love the collage of Gracie…so much love!

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