My Poor Puppy and Giveaway Winner

Look at Gracie…poor girl.

It makes me just wish I could kiss her eye and make it all better…sadly, it doesn’t work that way with dogs.

Last night I was out doing chores when Gracie took off running full speed ahead running after a cotton tail rabbit that was hanging out down by the grain bins.  She ran and howled and barked something crazy.  Once she got back up to the house, her eye looked like it was watering.  A bit later it looked worse and after I cam home from my church meeting it was about like it is now….

It’s all runny and that right eye just doesn’t track correctly.  She has done this before and within a day or two it seems to correct itself.  I think she injured the eyeball but cutting it on the tall grass she was running through.  Hopefully it will be better soon…in the mean time, she’s been a bit more mellow and I’ve let her sleep as long as she wants thinking the more she can keep that eye closed the better.

So now for the giveaway winner from latest week’s “Try it on Tuesday”, winning the “Spotlight on Neutrals” book…
Sharon who said, “I have never made a quilt with neutrals but I have been wanting this book for a long time. I love Pat Wys and i love her blog. Would love to win! The quilts you showed are very nice and I can see myself making several of them.”

If you haven’t signed up to win the “F is for Friendship” book for this week’s “Try it on Tuesday” you can do that here.

10 thoughts on “My Poor Puppy and Giveaway Winner”

  1. Thanks so much for making me a winner!! I love your blog and I love all the quilts you make. Sorry about Gracie. Hope she feels better soon!

  2. Aww, poor baby. I hate when my furbabies get hurt. I wish they could tell us how they are feeling or what happened. I Gracie is better real soon.

  3. Oh my. I certainly hope Gracie’s eye heals okay. It looks so sore. Poor thing. We’ve found in the short week we’ve had our beagle, Brody, they sure can get themselves into mischief.

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