My Poor Lawn and (my poor husband)

Our son Karl has been home from college for a couple weeks.  He was waiting until the first of June and his apartment to open up.  Then he’ll be back in Cedar Falls and moved out.  He offered to mow the lawn one more time before he left.  With the weather being so rainy we decided the best opportunity to get it mowed would be this afternoon.

He ended up having to leave this big patch not mowed.

It was too wet and he was leaving tracks…


He almost got stuck.  Stuck in the lawn???  Really.


If this is my lawn.  Imagine the farm fields.  It getting really bad in our area.  The guys here have about half a crop in.  We are quickly approaching the time frame when corn needs to be in the ground and planted or it won’t make a crop.  Luckily beans can be planted later but still, it’s getting VERY frustrating for farmers especially when the radar looks just like this as I am writing this blog post…..

I live at the point of the arrow.  The whole line of storms is coming my way in a line that appears like it is going to stay right on top of us for a long time.  We are expecting rain through Saturday with a break Sunday and Monday…then rain again for a few days.  The weather service says to expect torrential rain.

This is really taking a toll on my poor husband.  He’s a worrier.  All the farmers in our area just look sad when I see them.

5 thoughts on “My Poor Lawn and (my poor husband)”

  1. ARGH! the rest of the country sighs w you! we can’t afford higher pricese bc of rain, or draught…. the gas is enough.I was just out in my “little” garden my peas finally flowered this week, but I don’t think I’ll get many as we are getting the dry heat that you so desperately need.

  2. Oh how I wish some of the rain could be sent to New Mexico. We are so dry, farmers here are worried there won’t be enough rain this year for the chili crops and ranchers are selling off their cattle herds because there is nothing for them to eat. Cattle feed is too expensive for a long term solution. I grew up on a farm in central Illinois and I know what your hubby is going through. My dad worried all the time about weather and crop prices. Farmers really are huge gamblers!

  3. I live in the Twin Cities, so I’m not a farmer. I see your area on our weather maps, and I’ve seen flood alerts there the past few days. It is amazing how fast things change, last summer we were looking at drought conditions.

    I hope you can get corn planted soon.

  4. I echo Marsha’s comment. Three years of drought and not a break in sight. I know all of that moisture is as much of a hardship for farmers in your area as the drought is for ranchers down here. I see too many of those sad, worried faces every time we make a trip to town. Not to mention around my dining room table as I feed a crew. Hope y’all dry out and hope we get soaked.

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