My pooch is featured on another blog….

Last week Darlene from SewGalCal, contacted me about using a photo of Gracie as part of her new Pets on Quilts Show she is holding August 7th-21st.  I said sure….and here she is…

Here’s a blurb from Darlene about her contest, “While the primary purpose is to have fun, I also hope to encourage adoption of pets living in animal shelters, as well as encourage others to find ways to help (e.g. make a pet bed or quilt for an animal living in a shelter, or for a fundraiser to help a shelter).”  I was definitely in after I read that! 

Let me tell you a bit about my beagle, Gracie….
We got Gracie a little over a year ago.  A lady, Peg, was boarding Gracie and the couple who owned her never came to pick her up.  The owners were contacted but said that they were getting a divorce and no longer wanted her.  In Gracie’s short life she had been to a home, a shelter, a home and now was at the kennel where she was being boarded. 

Gracie was a barker and Peg decided to try to help Gracie overcome that before she took her to the shelter as Peg couldn’t keep her either.  One day, Peg was out walking her six of boarding dogs at once and a friend of mine commented on the dogs.  Peg explained Gracie’s situation and said she was trying to find a home for her.  My friend knew I wanted a dog and immediately told me about Gracie. 

After  much deliberation, and begging on my part, my husband relented.  He didn’t grow up with a house dog and wasn’t sure if he would like it. 

We have not regretted it for a minute (well maybe a minute…she still has an infatuation with the garbage can).  She is not the perfect dog…but she sure has brought some light hearted moments to our family. 

When I picked up Gracie from Peg she explained that beagles are active dogs and NEED to be walked.  She said currently Gracie was walking 3 miles a day.  Now that, scared me a little…I knew I would be the only on in the family who would walk her….and walk her I have.  It’s been a good thing, because in the process, I walked off 40 pounds! 

Gracie is a MUCH better trainer than Bob or Jillian from The Biggest Loser….she doesn’t yell at me or make me feel awful.  She just quietly gives me that guilty stare until I take her for a walk….She’s been good for my hubby too.  He’s a workaholic and Gracie “guilty stares” him into laying on the couch so she has someone to snuggle with. 

I REALLY admire Peg for working with Gracie because she is not a barker anymore.  I REALLY admire people who make life long commitments to shelter dogs.  I am happy to say that this will be Gracie’s last home. 

Gracie loves quilts.  She will snuggle under my daughter’s blanket and cozy up at her feet.  If I am laying out quilt blocks on the floor, she is sure to be in the middle of it.  If I lay a quilt out to snap a photo, she’s there too.  You can bet that Gracie will find her way into Pets on Quilt Show.

If you want to know more about Darlene’s contest, Pets on Quilts Show, head on over and check it out.

3 thoughts on “My pooch is featured on another blog….”

  1. Thank you for sharing Gracie’s story!! You were both lucky to find each other :)

    Hmmmm, do you think my CATs would help me walk off some weight? hehehe


  2. Gracie is so sweet! That is great about the walking too. I have thought that maybe my next dog would be a shelter dog. My problem is I would want them all. LOL. My current dog is a Shih Tzu and he is 14. Not much for long walks anymore, but we used to do it faithfully and he loved it. I do have a shelter cat though.

    Gracie is lucky to have found you and your family. You can tell she is well loved now. Have a great long weekend!

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