My Olfa Splash

A couple months ago, Olfa sent me their Olfa Splash rotary cutter to try.

I didn’t know what the big deal was…It looked like most rotary cutters and after all, a rotary cutter is a rotary cutter…right??  NOPE…they aren’t.

Honestly, it was a good cutter but it cuts much the same as my regular Olfa rotary cutter.  The genius is in changing the blade.  It is SO easy.  On the top, see the yellow piece,  just slide that down and the blade pops off-exactly like the picture shows.

To put the blade back on, simple put the blade in place and slide the yellow piece back in place.  Easy-peasy.

I will admit that the arthritis in my right pointer finger has been starting to play a factor in what I can and can’t unscrew.  My other rotary cutters all have the screw that needs to be unscrewed in order to change the blade.  I was having to depend on Hubby to change blades for me.  I also have one cutter that the screw is stripped so it won’t unscrew and I can’t change the blade (I use that cutter for paper now).  Anyway, it was a huge relief today to know I can just change the blade without having to worry about that dreaded screw.

Thanks Olfa for thinking about me aging hands and designing something I can really use!!

4 thoughts on “My Olfa Splash”

  1. Well, the Splash sounds like the cats meow!! I have not seen one of these in the stores in my area… Maybe they’ll show up for Christmas!!

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