My Niece and “little sister”

Last week our family celebrated some great news with the wedding of my niece Carly…..

…and got some not so good news about my niece Jody.  Jody found out she has very early stage breast cancer.

Jody is my sister Judy’s oldest girl and she happens to only be four years younger than me.  She really is more of a sister to me than my actual sister is.  I have only one memory of my sister when she wasn’t married….now Jody, I have gobs and gobs of memories of growing up.  For awhile they  lived in a mobile home on my parents farm.  We did all sorts of crazy things together.

Jody has since grow, married and has five kids of her own.  Today is her surgery date.  We are all hoping and praying for the best and the strength to accept and work with God’s plan.

You  may remember Jody as my niece who is making the Super Mario Brothers quilts for her boys.


I have to tell you…Jody is one strong girl.  She’s battled infertility and obviously conquerored that.  She’s survived moving the kids, living in a small home, being a stay at home mom, PTA and so-so much more.  I am sure this will just be another one of those things she conquerors.

Jody has a blog that got sidetracked while keeping the busy mom schedule…but now with the cancer, she’s been daily blogging.  It’s her way to keep all of us informed.  It’s also very inspirational as she is a natural writer.   If you’re inclined, you can catch Jody’s blog here at Living the Miracle.

Next week I am hoping to have her kiddos here for a few days to hang out, give me a little kid fix and to give Jody a bit of a break.  I am so looking forward to it.  I am also looking forward to hearing some word on how things with surgery went.

9 thoughts on “My Niece and “little sister””

  1. Sending prayers for Jody. It sounds like she has a very strong faith and wonderful support system in place. Don’t know how people deal with things like this without that.

  2. Martha Samuels

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jody and family. I hope everything turns out wonderful.
    Really enjoy your blog. Thanks for letting us share your life and experiences. Martha

  3. I get your blog emailed to me every day, but sometimes I don’t click through every post. Today I did, and I’m glad I read this! I signed up for Jody’s blog. I’m praying that she has good news and a speedy recovery from surgery. Thanks Jo!

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