My New Window Treatment

So Hubby did it!  He made what I asked for.

Remember me saying I wanted glass shelves for kitchen window?  I wrote about it here if you missed it.  Well Hubby took me seriously and went with my idea right away.  Sometime I have to ask a couple times but this he was right on board with.

He asked me where I wanted the shelves so I explained it all out.  He took some old trim we got out of the house in Chester, sanded it down, stained the then varnished it.  Then when we bumming one day he stopped at the mobile glass store and bought the glass.  It wasn’t cheap- $38- but I’m okay with that.

Here’s the first cleat installed.


Here he is prepping more.

On the same trip he bought a piece for the drill that lets him put in screws so they aren’t as easily seen.  He hemmed and hawed about spending the money saying he wouldn’t use it often.  He ended up using it for these.  It worked perfectly.

Here he is making sure they are level.


Ready for the big reveal??  Check it out!!Window-3

I’m in love.  My view out this window is the neighbor’s back yard….My plants are a perfect window treatment.

I’ve had all these small plant starts in my basement under a grow light.  They haven’t done the best there.  Now they have sun and are HAPPY…me, I’m happy too.

I think plants make things a little more homey.  I also like that the shelves are glass.  I don’t need to worry about water stains.  I also love that my little collection can be on display vs being down in the basement where no one cans see and I can easily forget.


Once the plants get bigger I won’t have room for as many…that’s okay.  Then I’ll enjoy some blooms instead.  I had hoped that I might be able to buy a few more plants being I was getting the new shelving….I guess I still don’t have room.  Aw…we’ll have to see.  I jumped the gun and started looking at The Violet Barn.  A blog reader left a link in the comment section to this place.  Oh, there are so many I like.

I’m off.  I’m going to see if I can find somewhere else to display some.  There has to be somewhere….

17 thoughts on “My New Window Treatment”

  1. I especially love that the childcare kids can still look out the window.
    Your hubby does wonderful work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That looks great. I’d have it filled with herb pots, but those violets will be lovely. The glass shelves should also help keep light coming in. Smart, beautiful & functional is a lot from a small space. Big win.

  3. I love your plant shelves! Great job! Love that you’re able to keep the light coming in. Your plants will love it!

  4. Sandra Davidson

    Love your window shelves I did something similar in my first home and it was a great place for my violets. Wish I could do it here I would like to have some herbs.

  5. Those shelves are awesome! It is so great to have a hubby who can translate our visions into product – I have one of those too! We both have so much fun coming up with ideas and then figuring out ways to make them work.

  6. I’ve been looking at The Violet Barn website too. So many pretty varieties. Now to choose which ones to try – – – love the window treatment!

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