My “New to Me” Table for the Childcare Kiddos

I had hoped to be able to show you my finished Tulip Fields quilt but life here has been crazy so…I’ll tease you with this….

I’m getting closer to a finish…I need to bind it yet.  I’m guessing I’ll have it done over the weekend.  If the weather cooperates I’ll grab some pictures and show it off on Monday.  Luckily I’m still within my time frame.

So I’ll show you this project I recently finished instead.

You might remember a while ago I was at the thrift store and bought this table.

It was an $8 find.  (I love our thrift stores!!)

It is not at all the type of table I would buy for our home…but for the childcare kiddos…YES.

I’ve been in the market for a new table for them.  I’ve liked mine that I’ve had but it only sat 5 kids and that was a little tight.  It was a odd shape and not very wide.

If we were doing an art project, the papers would touch…and you know kids, nothing can touch or there’s fighting.

I priced tables in the childcare places on line and UGH.  Just a table was often over $200.  I had an idea that I would find one cheapish…I’d have Hubby cut the legs off and I’d paint it.  I had found one on the Facebook sale groups but it was $50.  I was ready to pay that but it sold.

I was thrilled when I saw this for $8…now to get Hubby to help.  It was actually WAY easier to get him on board than I thought.  He cut the legs off within a week of having it….now it was my turn to get the legs painted.

Painting it proved to be more challenging.  Hubby left it on a cupboard in the garage that was high up.  My shoulder couldn’t paint it when it was that high so I had to wait until someone could help me move it.  On November 12th the night before my doctor appointment I had Hubby help me get it down.  I had it my mind that I might end up with needing surgery and would be laid up.  I didn’t want a bunch of simple jobs that needed to be done get in my way of recovery.  So I started tackling them.

Here’s how my table looks now….

When we first put it in the kitchen I wasn’t thrilled.  It seemed to big.  But, after using if for a couple weeks, I like it.   I’ve thought about sanding the top down and staining it darker but for night now, the finish on the table is pretty why?  I can always do that in a couple years.

I chalk painted it with cream…I’ve used that color for all the things in my house.  Then a coat of clear wax and then dark wax.  It was a quick project once I got the table to a place I could easily paint it.

I have 6 at the table regularly but I can get up to eight at the table if needed.  I love the extra room and am so glad I thought of cutting off the table legs to make the table the size I needed.  I’m so lucky to have Hubby to do all the little jobs for me.

In the picture with the kiddos, seven kids are easily playing at the table.  That could have never have happened with my other table.  I could use all new (new-to-me) matching chairs now.  I’ve added that to my list of things to look for.  That’s going to be much harder for me to find than the table was though.

I’ll be patient…they say good things come to those who wait.

7 thoughts on “My “New to Me” Table for the Childcare Kiddos”

  1. Another way round your problem was to have that super duper husband Roger just put on a bigger piece of table top over your old table. However, your new table looks great. You do a wonderful job and Roger is a darling.

  2. When you first showed a picture of the table, I didn’t think it was all that big. But the picture of children around the table really shows how big the table is. You got a steal there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great bargain, Jo! I like & think it’s just perfect, especially that you painted legs cream! Oh, if I could envision the final projects as you do!!

  4. Jo, what do you think about small benches for the kid’s table? You could use existing chairs for the ends. I love all you do and follow you daily.

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