My “new to me” Ironing Board

Yesterday when I was in town, I stopped at our “used” store.  I have been needing a new ironing board and was excited to see that they had several ranging in price from $1-$6.  I started checking them out, and the cheapskate that I am of course started with the $1 one.  Well it didn’t have a cover so I quickly moved on.

The last one…the $6 one….was EXTREMELY sturdy.  I set it up and noticed it even had a lever.  It was an adjustment lever so I could adjust the height of the ironing board without having to flip it over.  The cover was in decent shape and it was VERY heavy compared to the others.  I “broke the bank” and bought it.

When I got home, I decided that the cover from my old ironing board was in better shape so as I was changing the cover I noticed another lever underneath.  I pulled the lever and the ironing board went from having a narrow tapered end to having a wide squared end.  I was so in  awe!!  I’ve been ironing on junkie ironing boards my entire life….this was a Cadillac.



Who knew six dollar ironing board could thrill a person?!  I guess that just goes to show what a simple girl I am.  I went to the internet to see if I could find any information about the ironing board.  It is a Rid-Jid brand.  I found this ad and discovered that you can sit and iron without banging up your knees…LOVE IT!


Mine seems to be a newer version as it doesn’t have the thin metal pieces the one in the ad has.  I was oggling and awe-ing over it SO much that my daughter grabbed her video camera and captured me.

Now for my dilemma….Where can I find an ironing board cover that will expand at the end so it can convert to a square end?  Any ideas would be helpful.

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  1. How cool is your ironing board!! For the cover, I say make one that is square and attach velcro on each side underneath so you can just stap it together when using the “skinny” side. Hope that makes sense.

  2. I would ALSO snatch that up! I never saw one before. Ironing board cover? I guess I would MAKE one with strong elastic at the narrow-to-wide end. But I’ll be you always keep it wide open.

    So many quilters are still buying covers – hey, we all DO have plenty fabric, and the ones we make will last MUCH longer!

    1. Marcia Deerfield

      my mom had one to iron sheets. (ocd?) Been hunting for 10 years for one for me. I finally found one also for $5 at a garage sale. The guy had no idea. I need a cover also. I am looking at miracle brand? covers. they say that they have one. your $5 investment will end up at $55 because the cover is $50. other wise i figure i will get two and cut in half and sew together. if you get any other sources let me know. for the wing end you have 2 grippers with elastic to tuck the extra under when wings are in.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that can have fun with a simple “new” toy such as an ironing board!!! You may have to make a cover for it:)

  4. What a great find! I never saw an ironing board like that either. If it was new and could be purchased today it would probably cost a fortune. Enjoy it!!!

  5. I am so envious!!! I just wasted $60 at Target for a Michael Graves ironing board. It has to be the cheapest quality ever. The next time I’m looking in thrift stores first, before buying new.

  6. I thought of the velcro idea too .. or could you do the flip ones separately or would they not come up from the cover being in the way?? ie: not enough space between when they are up, is it a tight fit??

  7. Hi Jo, my suggestion would be to make it a drawstring edge. Cut and hem fabric to fit when open, then just close up ironing board extensions, pull drawstrings, tie bow, and everything is neatly tucked underneath!! BTW I love your ironing board!

  8. I bought my Rid-Jid in the 1960’s and liked it so much I bought a second one for my cabin. Ordered 12 covers from the manufacturer when Marshall Field’s didn’t carry it anymore. NOW, I go to the fabric store and buy the flannel padding for underneath and the silvery fabric for the top layer. When I want to pull it snug and have the corners in, I use those crib elastic clamps to pull it in. I didn’t realize it was an antique!!! I guess everything I have must be by now!!

  9. I know you have had your ironing board for a few years, but have you found a suitable cover? i happened to purchase this same board today at an estate sale. Mine came with the same cover it was sold with (tucked safely beneath 4 other replacements). I would be happy to send you pictures of the design… or even lend it to you if you’d like to use it to make your own!

  10. Karen Rinderer

    Hi Ladies.
    Well I had a score like Jo altho I saw mine beside a dumpster in a retirement village this winter. I made my husband drive aroudn so that we could throw it in the back seat of a small rent a car! I had been tell my husband that I wanted to have him take a board and cut a rectangle out and figure out how to place it on top of my ironing board. Then I find this in the trash! I was so surprised as she was to see the lever that swings out the sides! YAY!!! So happy. Well it had a reall ecky cover and padding on it, probably the original and I thought I have to get a new cover so that torn up one went in the trash. The other day I put the paddding in the washer on delicate and well I ended up with a ball of shredded batting! I should have known. Shame on me….but it really was icky! So now I am in the same delema. The padding was held tight by a piece of elastic( like waistband type) punched thru two holes in the padding.
    I think i like the idea dawn suggested, using a drawstring set up. Now I just have to do alot of “calculating” Ugh!

    Perhaps Kate Vece would be so kind as to send me a photo of her pad so that I might duplicate it with batting and that silver pot holder type fabric.That would be appreciated! Perhaps Dawn could elaborate on her drawstring idea a bit for me too. That would be super too! Thanks a bunch ladies! I am going to run downstairs and see if mine is “knee room” type or not. : )

  11. I have an ironing board like this for years. They quit making the covers years ago so I make my own by cutting a piece of teflon ironing board fabric or any sturdy fabric larger than the top of the board. Make sure you have the board totally open. You need to make a casing around the whole outside edges with an opening left at the right end of the cover. Then take a string and feed it through the casing. You can use a gadget made for doing this or just use a safety pin with the string attached. After you have the string through the casing just pull it snug so that it fits firmly on the cover. I love my ironing board and have had it since it was new.

  12. I was just commenting this weekend that my ironing board needs replacement, but I’d like one such as I used to have which converted to the square end (for current big square dance skirts and other wide items). I can’t believe such are no longer made! It was so practical; I always used when I was taking in dress-making when my kids were young (youngest will be 50 in July).

  13. Carolyn Hammond

    I have a metal rid-jid ironing board like the one pictured with slide out wings. The best ever!!! I bought in when I got married in 1964. Always used it with the wings out. Can’t find a cover for it. Wish someone could build me a new board just like the old one. Often ironed sitting down. Carolyn

  14. I also scored mine at a garage sale years ago for $ 5. I made a pad for it, but I shouldn’t have used the twill fabric I did. It was orange and the color got all over one of my projects when my iron boiled over I did find a site that sold covers, but alas that was a couple of years ago and a few computers ago. I know I can make one, I would just rather purchase one. I would rather cut off my right arm than to give up my marvelous board. I am one of those people who still iron my sheets and got rid of my mangle iron years ago. If anyone can find the site please let me know and I will as well.

  15. You are soooo lucky to have a Rid Jid steel ironing board. Wish I could find one again. Lost mine in a fire last October-a real bummer. But I just have to remember what I lost was just stuff and not a life.

  16. I also need this ironing board cover. Has any one made a cover? I can make a regular cover no trouble there. How do I make one to fit the flip out ends? I had gave up on ever seeing this board again any where. Glad to learn I am not the only person who liked them.
    Anna Mae

  17. I found one of these in the basement of the house I was renting, the landlord told me to throw it to the curb if I didn’t want it, for the last 2 years I’ve had a regular cover on it, but now I’m going to make a cover for it. Like you I’m over the moon in love with it, if fits in beautifully in m sewing room with all 10 of my Vintage sewing machines. Thank you for posting this I got some great idea’s for making a cover because of you. If you send me an email I will gladly send you a picture of mine, and how I make the cover.

  18. I have the same ironing board – it was bought a wedding gift in 1965. The ironing board lasted way longer than the marriage!! I too wish that I had bought some of the original covers when they were available. Now there’s a cottage industry idea for a budding entrepreneur . . .
    If anyone has any updates on availability of covers then please post for all of us.

  19. I would like to find instructions on how to raise & lower the metal Rid-Jid. Any ideas or does anyone have the booklet that came with it once upon a time? Love this sturdy board!

  20. I have had the Rid-Jid ironing board with the wings at one end. It was a shower gift to me in 1959. I guess now an antique. For a while I was able to purchase 2 regular ironing board covers, cut off a little more than half way, saving the square ends, seemed the two together to make a square end cover. However, now the problem is they are not making the “regular” type of covers as wide as the ironing board. Guess now I am back to making my own, just to find the time.

  21. Like some of the other comments, I too, got a Rid-Jid slide out wings ironing board in 1964 when I too got married, it too was Marshall Fields, but I have not been able to
    find the covers for it since. If you can help, please e-mail me. Thanks.

  22. I also own a Rid Jid ironing board since 1965. I have patched my cover several times but i really need a new one.
    Did any of you ever find one???

  23. I too just found one of these amazing ironing boards today with a FREE sign taped to it! I had it in the back of my truck before you could say WOO HOO! My neighbor showed me hers a few years ago and I immediately fell in love! I am fairly new to the sewing world so I’ll definitely have to get tips from her on how to make a cover! Extremely sturdy and now my new prized possession!

  24. I too have a 1968 Rid Jid ironing board. I saw it advertised in a bridal magazine and immediately added it to my bridal registry. The couple that gave it to us for our wedding could not understand what was so special , at the time, about this (I believe) $45 or $65 ironing board. I got it in August of ’68 and still use it daily. I was just searching for a new cover myself, when i came across this 2010 posting. Looks like Amazon may have what I’m looking for, but i want to browse a little bit before i purchase. The one i saw is by TIVIT.

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