My New “Office”

A few weeks ago when Hubby and I went to visit his mom in the nursing home.  Along the way, we stopped at an antique shop and saw a roll top desk.  We had been looking for a roll top desk for a long time but had never found anything in our price range.  The desk that we found was perfect…big, oak…just what we wanted but again the price was a problem.  We asked if they would take less.  The shop owner called the consignor and WOW…the price was $250 less.  We decided to think about it.

We debated and measured and debated and measured.  It was still $850.  For us that’s a lot of money.

We went back a week or so later and offered $800.  They said yes!  It was quite a chore getting all the knick knack type things our out of the way and the desk loaded into the truck but we did it!  The desk is wonderful.  If comes apart in three pieces but you would never guess as it is super sturdy and stable.

When we purchased it we knew we wanted to convert it for use with our computer.  We have the tower in the side door and that is working well.  We had to drill a hole in the back to run the computer cords which we would have preferred not to but what’s the use of an antique we can’t use?

I just can’t believe how much room I have!  I really love it.

Hubby did have to do a little work on it.  Some screws needed to be replaced so that the side door and hidden door swing correctly.  The chair didn’t come with it.  We ended up purchasing that at a different antique shop last week.

All in all the only draw back is that the desk is so large.  We don’t have an office so it sits in our dining room leaving not a lot of space for the table.  We only really use the table a few times a year so that’s okay too.  Purchasing the desk has made me decided that I am going to make an effort to reorganize my sewing room so that it can become a place I want to sew in.   Currently most of my sewing happens in the dining room on the table.

Right now my sewing room is completely ripped apart and stuff is everywhere.  That’s where I am going…I hope you’re hoping over to see more Vintage Goodness over the Colorado Ladies blog.

11 thoughts on “My New “Office””

  1. That is lovely. I have one that is made from a treadle sewing machine, so the roll top is where the sewing machine would have been on a treadle.

  2. Good for you! This was a planned purchase and an investment in your home space. Aren’t you glad that you did not buy a sawdust&glue modern piece made in China? And look how it motivated you to organize your office space, too!

  3. Very pretty desk! From the pictures and what you’ve wrote, it is a very good deal. It will re-energize your desire to creatively work. But, from my experience, a desk like this…is way more. With care and your love of using it over time…it will become a family heirloom. This very well could be its weight’s worth in gold. I have several pieces of furniture that once sat in my grandmother’s home. I also have several pieces that belonged to my childhood home. These pieces are priceless to me. =)


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