My New Little Table

In early October Kalissa and I hit up out last garage sales of the season.

It was a day when I went hoping to find a particular item…a small table.  With the childcare kids I like to keep a rotating activity out on a table.  Over Halloween time I had a pumpkin, golf tees and toy hammers.  The kids would pound the golf tees into the pumpkin.  They loved it.  The activity is great for fine motor skills too.  It’s nice to have a spot for these activities in the kitchen but away from our main activity areas…but close so that I can still monitor it.

I had a “icky” table for this and was hoping to find something more fitting with the other decor of my house.  I don’t mind having a childcare in my home but I hate when it flashes “childcare” like a neon light.

Anyway…right away I found exactly what I was looking for…  $10.  It’s the perfect height for the kids to stand at.


It was a little beat up..and the legs were white but that’s all cosmetic.


I took the sander to the top- then roughed up the legs…then chaulk painted them with cream Annie Sloan paint.  After that…I applied some wax..light first then dark.


Then the project sat.  The next thing to do was add varnish to the top of the table.  That’s typically Hubby’s department…and Hubby was in the field harvesting crops so…it sat some more.  Yes I can do it, but I hate doing things I don’t know about and have to ask…like “what do I clean the brush with” and those sorts of things.  So the project waited until he was done with the harvest.

Here it is all finished.See how I purposely planned the “up do” so that it would match my island?


The table is in it’s home…I now have two little Christmas trees that the kids are taking decorations on and off of.  It’s a great fine motor activity for little fingers.


Periodically during the day the little ones are at the tree.  It’s a fun activity that they sure seem to enjoy.

I love my little table.  It matches and the price was certainly right.  The table was exactly what I was looking for and a fun little project.

9 thoughts on “My New Little Table”

  1. I love your table. I scored one for $15.00 with a chair…but it’s green. I need to repaint it to become a craft table for my daughter’s room.

  2. What a great find and making it match your house has turned it into a super cute table for kids. I love the activity with a pumpkin, golf tees and a hammer, so clever.

  3. Cute table. My daughter found a cute idea on PInterest last year. She made a Christmas tree out of felt, but it on the wall, and cut out felt ornaments for her step son to decorate as he pleased. I made him a felt train ornament last year for “his ” tree. I need to make another ornament for him this year. I guess he is in to dinosaurs right now.

  4. You make these “redos” of furniture seem so simple. Yet, I know it is not – it is WORK.

    Now what kid is not going to love hammering a pumpkin!!! and PLAYING with the xmas tree? I know your parents love that they can do these things – motor skills or not – at your house and be told at home that is a playcare activity, leave our tree alone. You are great.

  5. I can’t wait for garage sale season to come back. I haven’t had time to visit any since I retired, but I want to hit some of them and see if I can find some men’s cotton shirts (I saw an awesome pattern for a quilt), fabric, and any wood items my husband can refurbish or dismantle to make something new.

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