My New Job

I thought I would jump in and tell you a bit about my new job. First off, I love it. If you missed it, I’m working part-time at the local veterinary office. I’ve been a customer there but let me tell you, working there is nothing like I imagined. I love it and part of the reason, the place is hopping.

I think I told you when I initially wrote about my new job at the vet office that I was going to do intake on small animals as they came in and answer phones. Oh my…it’s so much more. I really had zero idea…ZERO.

The vet office also provides dog and cat boarding and grooming. You can imagine how overwhelming it all was for the first day when the other person a the reception desk said, “Go get Fi-Fi. She’s ready for pick up.”
Hmmm. Was Fi-Fi a:
-cat here for boarding
-cat here for vetting
-cat here for grooming and yes, cats to get groomed
-dog here for boarding
-dog here for vetting
-dog here for grooming

All of the animals for each category are kept in different places so newbie me had no idea where to go to get the dog (or was it a cat).

Other people who work there know that Fi-Fi is a regular and know exactly who Fi-Fi is. So the hope is that I’ll work there and will get to know more of the pets and owners as I go along. Happily, I did find the animal and get it back to its owner.

The office is pretty fast-paced. I really had no idea they were that busy. I had no idea how many different things they did like artificial insemination…ear docking…and more.

Everyone there is so good at their jobs and very efficient. If there is work…people are actively working with no one on their phones or dilly-dallying around. I love that. Everyone I’ve worked with hasn’t done anything to haze me, the newbie…they haven’t made me feel dumb about mistakes. It has been so nice to see how patient they are with me.

I love the happy stories customers tell like people finding a stray and taking it in and doing all the vet work on it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of sad stories too…We do have to put aged animals to sleep and it’s so hard to see the owners during that process…but I’ve been there and done that so I understand.

The owner of the practice is super. She’s very laid back and go with the flow. The office manager that I work with at the reception desk is the same. They don’t get worked up when things get crazy…in fact, they are so even-keeled that you wouldn’t even know that things are crazy from their demeanor. It gives a whole wonderful calming vibe to the office.

There have been no personal conversations about the latest lipstick, the fancy car they are buying or the fancy vacation they are going on. Everyone is really down to earth. So far, side personal conversations have been all related to gardening and fairgoing and a little bit of family. It’s so nice. If you remember I wanted a job that wasn’t “political” and this one doesn’t have a drop of that. I love it!!

There is a lot to learn…there is a computer program for scheduling…another for boarding. At the reception desk, we get all kinds of requests…people calling for appointments…medicine refills…questions about services… follow-up questions…what to do with a dog that bit them…vaccination records so they can take their dog to a groomer…larger animal vet questions too. There is so much to do and to learn. I love the challenge. Every day I am learning so much. I wish I could see the me I’ll be two years after I’ve worked here!! I’m sure I’ll still be learning stuff but at least I’ll feel more confident with the computer program.

I am just loving work…

Here’s the thing…I’m loving home more too.

If you remember I haven’t had a job outside the home since 1988. I’ve always worked from home. To some people, this might sound wonderful…and there are some wonderful things about it. But there is a GIANT thing that people don’t always consider when they want to have their own business and work from home.

You are ALWAYS at work…especially me. I was always at work. I woke up at work and I went to bed at work. If you are working for a company, you have tasks with punch-in and punch-out times. If you’re working for yourself like I was…I never got away from work. I’d walk past something that needed to be done and rather than relaxing and having some free time, I did the task. I was always scrambling to get things set up for a video or trying to take pictures taken for a blog post…or designing a quilt. There was always something I had to be doing to keep all the balls juggling in the air.

Since I started working I kind of made a rule for myself. Anything I do after I get home on days that I work, has to be things for me that I want to do. I don’t have to write blog posts…I don’t have to finish something for a deadline. I can only do things that I want to do…and if I want to do nothing at all, that’s fine too.

Oh my. That has been life-changing for me. Home has been so much more relaxing and fun!! I really never experienced “free time” until now. I love it!!

I’m taking more time to make a nice supper. I’m taking more time with the dogs. I’m checking out my plants rather than just pouring some water on them. Life is at such a better pace.

Sadly that means there might be two blog posts every day but there will always be one and quite often two (whatever the mood and time allows)

I know some of you were really concerned when I said I was getting a job…No worries. It’s been the best thing. I hope things continue to go well and my health continues to allow me to work. At this point, I think I’d be sad if I couldn’t go to work.

Thanks to those who send good luck messages and notes. I appreciate your understanding that I had this need.

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  1. It sounds like you’ve done the best thing ever! To have such a great job, then to make your home life how you want it, is just what you needed. I’m so happy for you!

  2. As my grandmother once said to me you do you and what makes you happy, life is to short. If you don’t get a blog post up or have time to read an email don’t worry you do you and what makes you happy. As a long time reader of your blog we understand the time it takes to share with us all and we know you post when you can.

  3. If you have to miss blog posts that’s O.K. working even part-time is time taking. You love your job that’s more important. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I think that kind of work would drive me crazy. So glad you like it. Praying your health stays good so you can enjoy it as long as you want to.

  4. Jo, you seem so content and happy. That thrills us! Ok – so there’s only one blog post? That’s ok – we’ll live! LOL! It’s when you stop completely you worry us ;-) Live your life to the fullest – you deserve it.
    Love, prayers, and blessings

  5. I am so happy for you! I think it is important for our physical and mental health to try new things and change our routines a little (or in your case, a lot). How nice that you found a job that is such a good fit for you!

  6. I groomed for a few years at my vet’s office. A benefit I never thought about is never needing to worry when my animals disappear to the back.
    I know how they will be treated. I know the infection control protocols. I know the surgical instruments have been properly sterilized. I had confidence in the practice before, but now I know.

  7. So happy to read this post and hear the peace and happiness oozing out between the words.
    Only one blog post?… that’s ok too. We want what is best for you.
    Wishing you continued happiness and peace.

  8. So glad you are liking your job. It certainly sounds like the perfect place for you at this time in your life. I agree with you about working at home. I have never worked from home, but I have seen my daughter and she always feels she has to do a little more even after getting kiddos to bed. I knew it wasn’t for me. Very fun for you to be able to be you or find who “you” really is.

  9. Judith A Gebhardt

    And, if you need 2 or 3 days off……………have at it!! This being said a little “I’m taking a break and sending good wishes – I’ll be back xxxx (date)” will also be grand. Yes, you’ll be missed, but TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF and if this means no posts — we’ll send good thoughts your way and look forward to the next post!!!! Much love.

  10. I’m sure your positive outlook makes you an ideal employee. They are so lucky to have you. Works both ways out in the workplace.

  11. We are all cheering you on Jo!! Yay you! It took courage to make changes to your life and the key words are your life!! When you give and give, people take and take. I find that I do the same thing and find my well running dry. If we say no, or let’s do it this way, we discover that it works out too and we don’t have to resent anybody or be mad at ourselves. I wish for you the best my friend, in all of your endeavors!!

  12. Jo, I’m so glad you love your job. .many people don’t. Keep workung at what makes you happy. Sew some, stitch some and work some . Life is about balance. Looks like found some. I’m praying for you. Know that God loves you and keep your chin up.

  13. Your job sounds like a great fit for you. My son enjoyed meeting you. He is Bertie’s human. They are working hard to get the brewery up and running.

    1. It was fun to meet him. My co-worker really didn’t know I blogged and then for a guy to know who I was really impressed my coworker. HA!!

  14. It takes courage to honestly look at your life, especially to acknowledge that something isn’t working, and then to make big changes! Not working outside the home since 1988 is a BIG change! I lost my sister, my dad, and then my granddaughter, and like you, I stayed busy with quilting for everyone else, was over involved in other’s lives, and one day I realized I wasn’t doing things with joy, I was just doing things. It’s a hard reality to face, but change is a must. Finding joy again is beautiful. Congrats to you for doing it! I’m focusing on a quilt for me, for MY home! I appreciated your post about your daughter questioning whether you were happy—simultaneously, I was asking myself the same thing! Always enjoy your blog, but hoping you only do it as long as it makes you happy! :)

  15. You sound absolutely joyful! It’s wonderful. Thanks for sharing how you decided you needed a change and what it has meant for you. I’m sure it may help someone do the same. We love your blog, but your happiness comes first. If you need to reduce your entries, we’ll understand. This blog lightened our hearts.

  16. Don’t get me wrong..I love your current Blogs. I wait for it in the evening. And then I happily put everything aside and just read about you.
    But since I am new to your blog I happily read what you wrote five years ago. and then I go back another year. And then another. I thank you for creating
    this wonderful community.
    I send many hugs to you every day.

  17. Shirley from Calmar

    Happy for you. Some times very hard to just sit and do the me thing without feeling guilty. Just remind yourself, it is ok. It is where you need to be at that moment. You go girl.

  18. I believe you are on the right track. So we don’t get a blog every day. So what. You have to do whatever you want to do. I’ve never written to you before however I’ve been reading your blog for about 2 1/2 years. I hope you will continue to just be you and have some fun doing what you want to do.

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