My New Green Bowl

Out and about on my thrifting travels I came across this big, green, floral bowl.


Isn’t it LOUD?  I stood there debating whether I wanted it or not.


It it not my typical style at all.  It didn’t fit with anything I have.  I checked the price tag… 75 cents.  Oh, what the heck…I’ll buy it.  Driving home I started thinking about what I was going to do with it.

By the time I got home…I knew exactly what I’d do with it.


It’s my leader and ender bowl.  As I sew leader and ender pieces, they often get mixed up in other things that I am sewing.  I’ve lost a piece or two and hopefully my bowl is going to make it just a bit easier.  My current project is a Moda Bake Shop quilt.  I’m busy sewing blocks together.  As I get done sewing a row, I run two pieces of my My Blue Heaven quilt (done in red) through the machine then clip my row off.  When I come back to the machine, the two pieces I ran through the machine are still there.  I run my new blocks through the machine, clip off the My Blue Heaven pieces and toss them in the bowl.

Now when the phone rings and it’s one of my older kids who want to talk for a bit, I’ll get the bowl, take it to the iron and start ironing these pieces.  It’s been working wonderfully to have the bowl there to toss the pieces into.

I’ve always had a little bowl with pieces in it next to my sewing machine to feed into the machine….


Now I have the green bowl to toss them in when they come out of the machine.  It’s been working GREAT!!

If you haven’t heard of the leader and ender method of sewing, you can read all about it here.

6 thoughts on “My New Green Bowl”

  1. Great bowl! I’ve gotta ask — are those magnetic pin things next to a computerized machine. Or are you lucky enough to have a machine without a computer in it? I *really* want a magnetic one again, but I’m spooked about having it close to my machine.

  2. i’ve been on a basket kick lately. gone to our thrift store and dug through stuff to find some nice baskets for my sewing room. i found a couple good ones for thread. your idea with the bowl makes me think i need to find a basket for leader enders now!

  3. I have some nice baskets that use just for this purpose. Plus bowls to hold buttons, other little things. I thnk it is a very nice bowl and what a great price!

  4. I just love your LOUD bowl. My mother loves anything Loud. The LOUDER the better. Thank you for reminding me of my Mom’s favorite things!

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