My New Foster Pups: Winston and Churchill

First off…before I say anything about the dogs. I did not name them. They came to me named Winston and Churchill.

They also came to me looking like this…

What a couple of shaggy beasts.

These two are three years old, both males…brothers from the same litter.

We were told they are King Charles Cavalier/Poodle/Bichon mixes. All I know is I really like them. I like them a lot. They are the sweetest.

They came to me mid cold and blizzard-like weather. The owner wanted to surrender them so badly that he drove over 2 hours (normal conditions drive time) to deliver them to me. He was ready to be done.

When we inquired why they were being surrendered, separation anxiety was listed…they also will rip up tissues if given the chance. Okay, what dog wouldn’t rip up a tissue if given a chance? I know my dogs do. HA!

They have been at my house so far…not a problem at all. They are easy-peasy. Likely about the best dogs I’ve taken care of.

We didn’t know how they would be with kids…well, I have some grandkids who know exactly how to test dogs…

They passed with flying colors. These two are just the best.

After they had been with me for a day the rescue contacted me and asked if I thought they needed to stay together or if we could separate them. I had to concede. I thought they would do better together. Everywhere one goes, the other is. The black one, Churchill, whines without Winston.

So I swallowed hard and said, “I think they should stay together. I’m willing to keep them longer if needed so they can stay together.” I’d like to say that was a big commitment…it really isn’t. These guys are, as I said, the easiest dogs I’ve ever cared for.

So the next day the two went to the vet with me to work. They had appointments to get vetted and hopefully, fingers crossed, a grooming. I was so excited to see what was under all of that fur. Can you believe they are the same dogs???

I sure can’t. Oh my. Even more adorable.

Churchill had a tough time at my house on Sunday night before his groom. He had gone out to poo and couldn’t get things moving. After investigating, he had a big gross tangle of crusted over poo and hair covering his bottom. No poo could come out. UGH. I ended up having to call my daughter Kalissa to come over and help me trim him up. Gross. If I never have to do that again, I’d be okay with that. He was a trooper though and didn’t be a problem at all.

These guys are kennel trained, bark appropriately, sleep well overnight, don’t charge an open door, stand still when hooking the leash, aren’t bothersome when eating…all good things.

Things they can work on, walking together on a leash and not tangling…They do jump a bit when someone initially comes but not terrible. Other than that, no jumping. All of this is trainable.

I think they would be easily teachable. I have them both dancing and if my dogs weren’t here, I think I could teach more tricks without too many problems.

If I were looking for a dog…or two actually, I would snap these two up in a heartbeat. They are such great guys. Part of me feels so bad that they were surrendered the other part of me not. These two are going to make a family VERY-VERY happy.

11 thoughts on “My New Foster Pups: Winston and Churchill”

  1. These two are adorable! It makes me sad when I hear the reasons why people give up their dogs, and it makes me think why do they get dogs in the first place?? I hope a forever family comes for these soon, they sound so perfect.

  2. What dolls! They sound almost perfect. In September we took two brothers that have similar issues. This man’s wife died and they were her dogs. He could hardly wait to get rid of them. They are about settled in although one is barker and other whines. I hope they find a home soon.

  3. Ohh what cuties!
    Poor Churchill. I’m surprised he wasn’t yelping every time he tried to go. I had a long hair cat that I had to keep his butt trimmed. I bet Churchill was more cooperative about the trim that Leroy was.

  4. yes the dogs look great. BUT what a handsome young man your Carver is. Looking so grown up as well. Gannon did his little duck for the camera but I am sure he is just as handsome as ever.

  5. My kitten’s original name was Bette Davis, her litter mates were Rita Hayworth and Elizabeth Taylor!! Lol. You really lucked out with those 2 cuties. I hope nobody changes their names after 3 years!!

  6. So cute!!! Glad you got the poop problem resolved…been there, done that with a dog we watched when a friend had surgery. Nightmare. You are a trooper!

  7. Your official dog wranglers are doing a wonderful job.
    And the dogs don’t ask questions!
    Lovely pictures.
    Cheers, Dot

  8. I have a Winston Nigel & brother Ross Angus, golden retrieves. Completely trained to walk next to each other & all the things you mentioned. 10yrs on July ( my B-day), you have nailed what any dog can be with training. Thank you. I am 78, very unsteady walking, & still walk my doggos on leashes, tied to my walker, around the block & neighborhood, when weather permits. Asked very often why they are so well behaved!!! Answer…TRAINING!!! I get startled looks. Go figure!!! Thanks for your foster care & insightfull posts

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