My New Foster Dog: Dundee

We haven’t gotten a lot of foster dogs lately and I’m taking that as a good sign. Part of me wonders if we’ll be bombarded after Christmas when all the puppies from the puppy mill don’t get bought. We’ve had a few dogs but nothing like we did last year. WHEW!!

A blog reader wrote and said she missed my foster dogs. I’ve missed having some too…I have a new one and today I’m sharing his story.

I did see a message from our foster group last week that said, “DOG NEEDS A FOSTER AND IMMEDIATE VET CARE FOR BANDED TESTICLES.” This picture was included.

Well, I knew immediately the foster had to be me. I’m the one that has “immediate vet care” ability being I work at the vet clinic. My boss there and the staff were always super supportive of the rescue before I worked there and they are even better (if possible) now.

The only problem was that I was at work and couldn’t pick up the dog. I contacted the coordinator and told her to see if the person who had the dog would bring it to the vet office. They would and that’s how Dundee came to me.

Tim, who I work at the desk, named him. Being he’s an Australian Shepherd, he wanted an Australian name. It turns out that US names are similar to Australian names so he ended up with Dundee from the movie Crocodile Dundee. HA!

Dundee was in tough shape when he came to the vet. He had a temp. His testicles had a band on them that cut off circulation to them. Eventually, the testicles fall off. This works fine for cattle but is not appropriate at all for dogs. He was sick.

They did surgery on him immediately. He walked in the door and within five minutes he was sedated.

He’s doing fine now but he needs careful care as he absolutely cannot lick. We can’t risk the incision coming open. There just isn’t enough skin to sew together should it all come apart.

He spent four nights at the vet and on Tuesday night he came home with me.

He is a handsome guy.

We know that he was a stray and was on the run for at least a week. We believe that he is about 10 months old or so.

The rest about Dundee, we are learning as we go.

He rides wonderfully in the car which is awesome as he has to ride back and forth to work with me. He’s not house-trained and we don’t know how he is with other dogs so staying at home with Rosie and Izzy isn’t an option.

Speaking of housetraining, he is doing an amazing job so far. I’m impressed with him.

He is not the best at walking on a leash but is improving. In his previous life, I think he was just an outside dog so he’s not had any practice until now.

We tested him with cats and he’s okay with them.

He is not a standard Aussie. He’s a smaller size and is about 25 pounds. Isn’t he such a pretty guy?

He is doing well with Rosie and Izzy. He’s doing really well with me too. Dundee settles down nicely all on his own. I sat down to write this blog post and he immediately laid on one of the dog beds by the computer.

I think he wants companionship and love. He laid out in the kitchen while I was cooking and when I ate, he laid by the table. He didn’t try to get food or beg for food at all.

He does just fine being kenneled.

He is SUPER photogenic. I took about a dozen pictures and got all of these.

Dundee’s only concerns right now are that he is not completely housetrained. He’s doing great but I think at this point I am more trained and in a routine than he is. I know this will come with practice. He’s not the best on a leash. He walks along fine but he does cross over in front of me the walk isn’t very smooth. This will also come. The other trouble is that he jumps. This is getting better already too. He doesn’t jump “on” me. It’s more that he’s jumping next to me. Jumping is a very common behavior at this age and if an owner consistently works with the dog, this will stop completely.

If anyone is looking for a young dog and is committed to doing some training, I highly recommend Dundee. He is so loving. I can see he is a people dog and will love his person unconditionally. What more can an owner want?

Dundee will be available for adoption next week. He’s still recovering and we want to be sure he is well on the way to being healed up. His adoption fee will be $300. He will come neutered, completely up to date on shots, and microchipped. In all seriousness, the $300 won’t even cover all of that but that’s okay. That’s why the rescue does the big fundraiser.

HERE is a link to the adoption site.

I’m very much enjoying this guy and even though I’ve only had him a short time, I’ll be sad to see him go…but I want to keep fostering so he has to find a new family. Please share this post with anyone who might be interested.

7 thoughts on “My New Foster Dog: Dundee”

  1. Dundee is a pretty dog! poor little guy going through so much already. Jo, you are so good with the dogs. You know how to train them and you seem so patient with each one you foster. Each dog thrives under your care.

  2. Merry Christmas.
    My son has a miniature Assie, brown and white.
    The dog is very smart and happy to please you. When I dog sit for an evening or overnight he lays next to me on the couch. His ears are always listening for my son’s return.
    He occasionally jumps next to me when I see him at work but not on me. He loves attention but doesn’t beg for it.
    He is a wonderful, teachable dog. Whoever adopts Dundee and spends some time training him will have a wonderful, loyal dog. And beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful little dog! So smart and eager to learn, he will make someone very happy. He deserves a good home too.

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