My New Chair

I know-I know.  The deal with me and Hubby was no furniture buying until we are in the new house….but I couldn’t resist.

This is perfect for the house.  Right now, I think it will go in the office..but maybe depending on how things work out the quilting room.  It was a thrift store find for $75…but oh, I love it.  It’s really comfy too.  I love chairs with ottomans.  I love furniture with nail heads too…did I say the fabric is something perfect for me too.

I do have to do a little work on the wood thought.  A light stain over the scratched spots along with some Orange Oil and it will be wonderful…and no, I wasn’t in too much trouble when I came home with the set even after we both had the no furniture until we get into the new house talk…he liked it too!!

..and so now the debate starts about where to keep it until we get into the new house.

8 thoughts on “My New Chair”

  1. Pat C in Washingon

    That is a beautiful chair-ottoman set! And I’m with Carolyn – Old English Furniture Scratch Cover will cover up a multitude of really bad looking scratches.

  2. That is a beautiful chair and ottoman, it would have been a shame to pass it up. Sometimes you just have to buy it when you see it because odds are, you won’t find another one when you are ready for it. I love the curved legs and feet, the fabric is wonderful and the price is amazing. You got a great deal.

  3. I agree with Marsha. The deal was too good to pass up. If you see something you love, don’t pass it up planning on getting it later, because later might be too late. Nice chair.
    Thanks for sharing.

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