My Neighbor Girl

I’ve mentioned my neighbor girl a few times before but haven’t said a lot about her.  She is in 4th grade and is so sweet.  I first met her the day before I was suppose to have surgery on my foot.  I was walking out my driveway  on the way to take Ruby for a walk when she came walking by.  She had recently moved in in a house across the road and a few houses down.  We chatted for quite awhile.  She told me about her family and a few things about them.

I had Ruby with me and Ruby instantly liked her.  The girl was easy to like.  She was good at conversation, polite and sweet.  I instantly liked her too.  I ended up talking to her and asked if she would come to my house over the course of the next seven weeks and walk Ruby on days when she was free.  She said sure.

A few days later the neighbor girl showed up and took Ruby for a walk.  She ended up coming a few times a week and we started building a relationship.  I was tickled to have a young friend.  As we saw each other more and more often we got to know each other better.

I had told her often if she ever needed anything that she could come to our house.  I told her time and time again that Hubby is a fireman and first responder so if she ever needed anything we would help.  At one point she ended up coming to my house on a day when she was home alone and her cat died.  I was so sad her but I was so happy that she trusted us.

Then at Halloween time I didn’t see her much anymore.  By then my cast was off and I had started taking Ruby on short walks but I’d still have happily let the neighbor girl walk her too.  I couldn’t take Ruby as far as she wanted to go.

Time passed and I didn’t see her and didn’t see her.  She’s from a split parent family so I didn’t know if the other parent got custody or what happened.  I didn’t see her outside anymore either.   I worried but didn’t want to be that neighbor that was minding other people’s business.  I didn’t know what to do.  I talked with Hubby several times about it determined that somehow I wanted to check on her.

Then a week or so ago it had snowed.  I was outside cleaning up the snow that the snowblower couldn’t get to.  I saw that her siblings were outside shoveling off the walk.  I ran into the house, packaged up some of the Christmas treats I had made and took them over to her house.  I included a Christmas card and wrote a note inside saying that I missed her.  Ruby missed her and hoped that she was okay.

The next day my doorbell rang.  It was my neighbor girl and her mom.  I was so happy…so very happy.  I knew she was okay.

She brought with her a box…it was a present for me.  We chatted with her and her mom and found out that her mom had a new boyfriend and sometimes they spent time at his house.  That explained why I had been missing her.  We ended up making a date to do some baking a couple days later.  I was delighted.

After she left, I opened the present from her. There were goodies and a note.


I’ll admit.  I started crying when I read the note.  Kalissa read it and she started crying too….

Here’s what it said. (I deciphered the misspellings for you)
“Thank you so much for the cookies.  They are so good and the card.  It is cool.  I miss you too.  I miss the kids, your daughter and Ruby, Betsy, Puppycat and your husband.  Thank you for being there for me.  Thank you for being the best neighbor ever.  I never had any neighbor to be nice to me like you.  I like you alot.  I hope you never forget me so I am giving you this stuff to you.  The rock is so special.  I had it since I was a baby.  The necklace is a friendship necklace and last but not least the headband.  I got that for you for Christmas.  Thank you for everything.”

After Kalissa read it she said “Mom, that’s your favorite present ever, isn’t it!”  By then we were both crying again.  Yes…it is my favorite present ever.

The neighbor girl ended up coming over a couple days later.  We made some cookies and then we made homemade pizza.  I made one for my family and I helped her make one for hers.  Then I helped her carry the cookies and pizza back to her house.

I couldn’t be happier that she is in my life.  She said she has trouble with math facts so I offered to help her with flash cards…  I’d be honored to help her.  I’ll say it time and time again…she’s such a sweetie.  I’m so glad she is in my life.

34 thoughts on “My Neighbor Girl”

  1. Never be afraid to be that “nosey” neighbor. You never know who you might be helping/saving. Glad she is back in your life. Keep a “neighborly” eye on her.

  2. You have made a wonderful impression on a young child. She will carry it with her forever. It does not take money to give love.

  3. I hope she’s around for awhile for both your sakes. It’s hard for young people to move a lot when they’re young. I’m sure having you for an adult friend is important to her too.

  4. What a sweet story. You are fortunate to have found each other. Your young friend really needed a friend like you in her life. Enjoy!!!

  5. One more example of you living your beliefs. Wish we had more people like you in this world. I am amazed at all you accomplish in a days time. Makes me wonder what I am doing wrong!

  6. I, first hand, know how special this family can make a person feel. Great friendship story about a little girl and how important you make her feel!!!

  7. The importance of mentoring youth is so very important, whether it is formal or an informal relationship. Every child needs to have adults in their life that they can trust. It is so wonderful that you have taken her under your wing to show kindness and care. She is so lucky to have you in her life.

  8. Geez Jo, now I need a tissue!! What a lovely friendship you have created with this your girl. I’m glad her mom came to meet you also and to see that your friendship with her daughter is out of kindness and friendship. Hope she continues to come by and visit and to walk Ruby. A simple act of kindness can have such a big impact. Lucky you to have found a new friend.

  9. I have tears in my eyes after reading this. It’s good to know that you became her friend and she yours and that she has a safe place to go for friendship and math help

  10. So many children and teens are starving for this type of gentle caring. Your relationship with her will change her life forever.

  11. Bless you, Jo, for being an anchor in this child’s life. I can’t tell you the number of kids I used to teach who needed one. Something tells me your new friend may be getting a quilt from you soon. I’m sure readers who have sent you fabric for donation quilts would be happy to see their offerings used for such a sweet girl.

  12. OH JO! you are a blessing in her life! I see a new quilter coming up, Hey she needs help w her math, and quilting involves some math!

  13. Ditto on her needing one of your quilts. She sounds like a sweet girl reaching out for attention and love. She found it with you.

  14. Jo, you all are so blessed. You have received the gift of friendship that has been given with love. I hope the relationship lasts forever!

    Take care.

  15. I have been a long time reader/admirer of your blog. This story compels me to respond. How wonderful, the two of you have found each other. Sounds like this young girl certainly can use a friend & how perfect you were there! A great mentor & positive roll model. I wish you both fun filled days. However long she remains in your life, it was meant to be. Enjoy your special friendship.

  16. I loved your story, brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet little girl. I’m so happy you two have formed such a beautiful friendship. I know for a fact that she will never forget you; you will always be an important part of her life, and through the years, like others said, she will be talking, with great love, about you and the times you shared together.

  17. Elizabeth McDonald

    This post really touched me! What a dear little girl – and how wonderful that she already knows how to give! I think you and I are very alike; I am shy and find it hard to make friends, but I am working at it! My children, unlike yours, are scattered. I have a daughter in NYC, and a daughter and her husband, son and daughter who live in Sweden, and a son who lives with his wife and darling 2 year old in Kyoto, Japan. One reason I read your blog is to learn how you are navigating the universe while being somewhat introverted. Thank you for writing it! I so appreciate you!

  18. The Blog Post of the Year. Thanks for sharing the story – even though it brought a tear to my eye – I’m sniffling while I read this at work.

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