My Me Day!

This week has been a blur.  It flew by so quickly.  Here I am and it’s Friday.  I had hoped to have more done but all in all I’m doing okay.  The Christmas things are put away…I made some good meals….I got caught up on some blog posts.  What I didn’t finish was my birthday quilt.  I had so hoped to have in finished and ready to show you…but alas….Life happened.


I just rolled onto the half way mark.  I started out thinking “this isn’t a big quilt, I can get this done quickly”.  Then I found myself slowing down and looking at the blocks.  I love this simple one.  It’s shirt pieces sewn together, then a but in them and a mustard color added.  At first Kelli and I thought the blues were all one piece of fabric but it’s not.  Those blues are pieced first.  I love the idea.  Kelli and I both tried to image what a whole quilt of these would look like.


This is my favorite block of the bunch.  That’s the block we picked for the center focus block.  It was done by Anne from Minnesota.  The center of the star is pieced and the images all represent something about me.  How VERY thoughtful don’t you think?

There are several signed blocks.  This one is from Nell!


How fun is this beagle block…again a very thoughtful block.


You can see why I slowed my machine quilting down to enjoy the blocks.

I’m hoping to finish the quilt up today.  I’m also hoping to get my next mystery quilt clue tackled…or at least started…but first more important things.  I have the day off so I just might be able to tackle all of that…but first….

I’m off to the dentist to get a crown put on.  UGH.  I hate the dentist, but dental health is important….then off to get a mammogram.

Mammography Saves Lives

It’s so important to get a regular mammogram.  PLEASE do it.  When I had my first mammogram done I vowed I would never go back.  It was awful.  I had a poor technician.  I was more or less forced to go back as I was on hormone replacements and my doctor wouldn’t refill my prescription unless I went.  That next experience was MUCH better.  I had a different tech and she’s awesome.  Since then, I go back all of the time.  Please don’t let an unpleasant experience with a bad technician sour you from a needed exam.  Go again.  It will likely be MUCH better.

All of us know have someone in our lives who had breast cancer…honor them by going and having your mammogram done.

After that, I’m off to get my annual physical done.  I was one who put those off as well.  I would stretch the yearly into every 18 month appointments.  In 2014 I went and my doctor found my enlarged thyroid.  That’s how my thyroid cancer was found.  This appointment also helps me manage and control other medical issues.  Please make and keep these appointments.  Nothing is more important than your health.  If it’s something that’s hard for you manage, take the time to make to make it happen.  If you’re a caregiver and it’s hard for you to get away…ask for help.  If money is an issue.  Advocate for yourself. Many health care facilities offer help.

Sorry, I ended up on a soap box with a little lecture.  I truly believe in taking care of yourself…I know too many women that put their own health aside because they are too busy caring for others.   I was one of them.  Thankfully I finally went!

So for me, it’s a me day….Taking care of my health…a little thrifting in between appointments…doing a couple errands…and then SEWING!!  I think it’s going to be a great “me” day….even if the “squeeze” is a little uncomfortable.

9 thoughts on “My Me Day!”

  1. Love your birthday quilt blocks, very thoughtful! My sister starts chemo today for breast cancer, followed by a complete mastectomy, maybe radiation and then reconstruction surgery. She had her mammogram in February! It is completely curable but will be a long process. I am glad you mentioned how important getting your mammogram and check ups are! My sister has always stayed on top of this but you never know! Please ladies take care of yourselves!!!!!

  2. The birthday blocks are wonderful and I look forward to seeing it completed with Ruby. Glad you remind us all to take care of ourselves and to keep those appointments, its so important and as we age lots of things need to be addressed. I try to do mine in my birthday month, it helps me to take care of me. Enjoy your “me” day.

  3. As you know, I am a breast cancer survivor. Everything you said is so true. My favorite t-shirt has this saying….Cancer is a Word, not a Sentence. It is so true. Glad to hear that you are getting all this done. Here is to a Healthy 2018!

  4. Hi Jo!
    Love that you advocate for women taking care of themselves. i will jump on that band wagon with you and say that I didn’t take good enough care of myself and it cost me a lot. I do now, and actively speak up about it. Good for you!

  5. Stephani in N. TX

    Your birthday quilt will be a living record of those who made the blocks and contributed their talents to celebrate your birthday. Good reminder about self-care and health. My young daughter in law, mother of a 20 month old, just had radical mastectomy yesterday and knowing the details, I trust she will stay the day medicated to keep comfortable. They have done the hard work, testing, deciding, weighing the issues. I’m stunned by the layers of information available, testing, probing, the weight of brca gene issues, so much more guidance in making such a difficult decision. The hardest work is done. They have spoken and can face what’s next hand in hand with their loving friends and family for support.

  6. The special featured blocks from your Birthday Quilt are wonderful! Thanks for discussing taking care of your own health issues today! I’m inspired now to take better care of myself in 2018! Wishing you & your family very healthy & Happy New Year!

  7. Thank you Jo for putting out the word to women to take especially good care of their bodies both via Mammograms and the dreaded Pap Smears!! We owe it not only to ourselves but to our families as well! I had an abnormal Pap at age 20. They froze the cancer cells and all was well every year until I turned 54 and the cells were back! This time it took 2 separate freezing to get it under control. A lesson well learned by me! I haven’t missed an annual check up in 37yrs. I plan to continue on with the testing followed by Mammogram every year.
    Thanking to still be alive,

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