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I always get my mailman a Christmas gift…nothing fancy.  This year is was simply a McDonalds gift card.  I’m thinking this year I’m going to give her something mid-year too.  She deserves it.  She stops her car and gets out in the middle of her route to bring me boxes….LOTS OF BOXES.  She brought 3 one day…and remember, I bought the big mail box to prevent her from having so many trips.  I’m so lucky to have a great mail lady.

Here’s some of what she recently brought…

Goodies from Ila.


I had written her a note thanking her for the last goodies (remember my amazing quilt!)  When I wrote I told her that Roger was stealing all the truffles that she had sent and I was feeling the need to hide the box…so what does Ila do?  She sends more!!!!!!!!  Only Ila.  Thank you so much.

Do you remember Lori….the blog reader who does volunteer binding for us and sends the quilts on to ShareHouse?  Well she sent me a card, the left over fabric from the binding I sent and a check to help cover postage.  All of that wasn’t necessary but oh so appreciated.


Then these goodies.  Look at all of this!  This is from Hedy…a long time blog reader who I love.  She always sends me comments and notes. Now she sent this.  She was downsizing her cross stitch collection and thought of me.  Oh my…so many things.  She said over the years she has quit cross stitching.  I had too and am so glad to be back at it!  I love it all!


Then came the mystery box.  A bit ago someone had written an email to me asking if I would be interested in some cross stitch goodies.  I said sure.  She was cleaning out and thought being I was back into cross stitch I might enjoy them.

Well a bit later this box came.  There is no return address.  There was only one note inside and it said this….


As I dug through I thought there has to be a note in here….

Look at this treasure trove of goodies.  WOW.  Bookmarks, bread overs, coasters, dish cloths….


and then cloth and cloth and cloth.  This is all 14 count cloth.  WOW!


There was more than I can possibly ever use or stitch so I contacted my niece Jody.  She is the master cross stitch girl.  She does lot of projects…LOTS.  (remember the awesome cross stitch she gave me?)  You might remember that Jody is the same one who had a re-occurring breast cancer diagnosis this year.  (catch up with her on her blog here)  She’s been writing about the process of going through chemo.

Anyway…things are tight with them on the money front, and she has lots of time waiting to heal…I thought this would be perfect to share this with her.  She loves cross stitch and currently has time to make good use of some of it.  I sent her pictures asking what she might like.  She went on to tell me that my great nephew started cross stitching too and she’d share a bit with him.  She was happily willing to take whatever I didn’t keep.  PERFECT!  Crafting supplies are so expensive and this would be a help to her too.

The gift was blessing many.  Isn’t that awesome!  Jody is so great at creating and gifting her creations so I am sure these will go to bless even more.

Lest I not forget…there was fabric in there too!!  Aren’t the owl adorable?


So there was no other note in there.  There was no return address on the box.  I can’t find the email or even know for sure it was the same person that wrote the email that sent the box.  I’m clueless on who to thank…but I’m going to thank them anyway.  Jody was so excited…I was excited too.  Your gift brought joy and will keep giving joy to many.

THANKS so much to all of you!!




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  1. Cross stitch stuff- my dad just told me he has lots of cross stitch stuff left after my step mother died. I will be visiting him in March. I can pick it all up and mail to you. I know there is floss, pattern, beads and fabric and I think paper. Can you use it all? Mary Ann

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