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It’s like it’s my birthday here every day.  I’ve been getting lots of goodies in.

This box came from Melanie.  Melanie had sent a box a bit ago and this was labeled as box #2.  The note on this one mentioned that I’d probably like what was in the #1 box better.  That box had a whole bunch of fun things in it including the $1,000,000 bill.  Well look what was in this box….

When I first opened it and saw the green, I thought, hmm.  I think I’ll pass them on.  Green hasn’t been my favorite color and Kramer hated it.  Then I saw the beautiful VARIETY of green all together and something clicked!

Hey…What was that Bonnie Hunter pattern with green?  I don’t keep much green as in the past I haven’t loved green. But this is a pretty combo of green.  I ran and found the book, String Frenzy, that was the pattern.

YES!!  These are the green I need for this quilt.  Maybe I will step out of my box and make it in greens.  Okay…it looks like I’m collecting fabric for yet another quilt.  This time I’m collecting for this quilt, Emerald City.

Thanks for setting me up for collecting another fabric Melanie.  Seriously, I love collecting fabric for a project.  I anticipate for so long it makes actually making the quilt even sweeter.

There were other fabrics in the bunch too.  Being I kept the greens I decided to pass these on to the charity quilters.  I can’t keep all of the fabrics!!

In fact, I have a new place to send fabric to.  The other day I was in the grocery store and someone came up to me and said, “You’re Jo, right?”  I said yes and the conversation went on.  She’s a charity quilter and wanted me to know her group would be thrilled to get a box of fabric now and then.  She also wanted me to know that there is a Project Linus group a little closer to me now and I was welcome to join the group.  I promised her that I would save up and get a box of fabric to her.  I often get offers to quilt with others either through guilds or with groups like hers.  As much as that sounds fun, I really don’t have any more time.  I love supporting the groups though and just in that, it makes me feel a little bit part of them.  So I’m getting a box together for that group including things you all have been sending me.  It’s awesome now that I’ve made several connections in different directions from my house for fabric to go.  The postage is so expensive and I’m making an effort to try to save that to send out quilt tops with.

I got a box in the mail from Sue in CT…

Yes Sue, I do love getting envelopes.  The kids are always putting pages they colored into envelopes and giving them to their parents telling them it is mail.  It’s so cute.

Ila struck again and sent pears.  The kiddos were here when the box came.  They wanted to eat the “Golden Pear”.  My kiddos love pears.  These…though, these are for me.  YUM!

In full disclosure, I did buy them a bag of pears from the grocery store.  I don’t deprive them.

The next box came from Donna in NY.  Here is what was inside….

I loved the magazines.  I take them to bed and read them before I fall asleep.  This should keep me busy for at least a week or two.  THANKS.
There was fabric…

Pretty Christmas print that I’ll pass on to the Cresco ladies..and patriotic too.

Owww…greens for my collection.  Great neutrals too!!
Lots of other fabric and crafty goodies too.  These boxes are so fun!

Stuff for the kiddos and a flower maker.  I had seen a pom pom maker but never a flower maker like this.  I might have to try it out.
What a fun box!!

You all are so sweet thinking of me and the childcare kids too.  We all love your goodies.  Thank you.  I’m off to find a tote for the greens.  I’m getting enough that I need to have a specific spot so I can easily put them where they go and find them back again.  I just love collecting.  Thanks for getting me started Melanie..and thanks for adding to it Donna.  How fun!!

7 thoughts on “My Mailbox”

  1. Cheryl in St. Paul

    I love that you show us what is in your mailbox. Mine isn’t nearly as exciting!
    Prayers for you and ear scratches for Rosie!

  2. Gotta see if I can find that train fabric! My grandson loves trains like yours loves tractors. I loved the picture of Rosie with Georgia. That’s a treasure for sure. Blessings

  3. Hi, Jo! I’m the Melanie who sent box #2. Box #1 didn’t have bonus triangles (because I would NEVER get rid of those!); it had some dark blue batik mystery fabric, some homespuns, some John Deere, and that “big” 100,000 bill! Here was your post… …which I had bookmarked because it was exciting to be mentioned in a blog!

    I’m glad you can use those greens eventually. I love green, but I’ve realized that some shades of it I’m less likely to use than others, and I enjoy a less cluttered sewing room!

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