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My mailbox has been busy and it’s a very fun kind of busy.  Through Kramer’s illness I gradually moved more bills to auto pay.  I was so terrified that in the midst of us taking care of him that I’d forget to pay the bills so every bill that can be auto pay is now auto pay.  So now most of the mail that comes my way is either junk mail or things from all of you.  It’s really changed the amount of mail I get.

Anyway…onto the goodies I’ve found in my mailbox.

The first box came anonymously.  It was an awesome box FULL of cross stitch.  Kelli and I both were so excited.

There was lots of Halloween….

These came from Just Cross Stitch magazine.

I love the pumpkin…doesn’t he look quilted??
I already stitched the one in the middle bottom that says “Be ever thankful”.

..and then there were Prairie Schooler patterns.

These were our favorites.
Kelli was thrilled about this one as she’s been on the hunt to find it.  Kelli and I both love season things like these.  Oh fun.

Thanks so much.  We love everything and are happy you shared with us.

I got two boxes in one day…

I opened the smaller box first.  It was from Darlynn.  It had a variety of goodies.

Oh how fun….things for the kiddos and for me.  The garland is fun.  I think we’ll but it up at the next birthday party here.  There were envelopes for the kiddos too…and a coloring book…and index cards.  They love making bookmarks with my stamps and index cards.

..and there were spray mist bottle for me.  I have two I got from Connie so I am passing these on to Kelli.  They are so cute!!  The one on the left says “Iron Maiden” on it.  Bahahaha.

A note on the envelope said this….
Does anyone know the exact recipe?  How much water to how much sta flo?  I’d love to try it.

Darlynn also sent a check to be used for postage for charity quilts.  My fund had been running low but now since there have been a few donations, it’s on the upward swing again.  THANKS.  I appreciate the help, LOTS.

The big box was a really fun surprise.  Do you know how long it’s been since I got a big box of scraps in the mail??  I don’t remember for sure but it’s been awhile and I’m THRILLED!!  Thanks Sandy in Wheeling, WV!!!
It’s a LARGE kitchen garbage full….I can’t wait to dig in.  This is the best-est ever.  I’m thinking I’ll cut a quilt out of the scraps as I sort.  I can’t wait.

This is something I used to putz at over naptime but I can’t anymore with the babies.  Sorting was a great thing for me to do in the kitchen while the kiddos napped.  Oh well.  Gradually I’ll get to it.

Seriously, scrap bags like this make my heart go pitter patter.

While I was admiring the contents of the box, someone else was enjoying the box.  This guy….

Yep, Carver!!  He’s a smart little cookie and knows all of his letters.  He was screaming for Brody to come and look so he could see his letter “B”.  The kids are so fun.

We’ve been working on making sure there is room for everyone.  Sometimes the kids will be sitting on the couch.  Another kid will come up and want to sit by them but then the first kids will yell “No Room” and not let the second kid sit by them.  I hate this and discourage this as much as possible.  This time when Carver said, “no room”…I just agreed.   There wasn’t room for another in the box!!!

The last box in this installment of “In my Mailbox” came from     She had messaged me wondering if I had someone that was interested in finishing a quilt top for charity.  I have a lady who has is the past so with her in mind, I said yes.  Well the package came, I contacted the lady and she said she was to committed to other things right now and asked that I find someone else.

So is there someone who would like to finish this and pass it on to charity.  Maybe a Quilt of Valor group?  You could add some blue sashing and I think it would make a great quilt.
There are 14 – 21″ blocks.  Hmmm.  That might actually make two quilts depending on sashing and borders.

Anyone who says yes, please remember that I ask that you send a picture of the completed quilt and tell where you are donating it to.

If you are interested please email me at

WOW…what a variety of goodies in the mail.  It always amazes me as to what comes.  With all the boxes I get you can see why when Christmas time rolls around that I get my mail lady a gift certificate!!  She works extra hard on my behalf…and the best thing is, even though she works extra hard for me, she’s still super sweet to me.  I appreciate that..and the gifts.  THANKS everyone!!

12 thoughts on “My Mailbox…”

  1. I love the Halloween Cat! I just recently purged my cross stitch patterns but NOW I want this one! I’ve tried to search for it but haven’t found it yet.

  2. When I was a young-ish mom of six in St. Michaels, MD back in the mid-80s, I treasured every edition of Just Cross Stitch I could find:)! It kept me grounded when I was in Law School a couple of years later and it still inspires me now:)! Glad you got a lot of that wonderful magazine:)!

  3. I use a mixture of 40/60. 40% sta-flo/60% water. It’s not an exact science. Spray on one side and press on the other. I prefer really stiff fabric so your mileage may vary; try different ratios.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I love it when you get boxes and share what’s in them with us. It’s like Christmas throughout the year. Last spring I was gifted with two big shopping bags of scraps. I had a blast sorting them and making plans for quilts. So exciting and fun.
    I wish I could finish that lovely quilt. But my machines are acting up. Hope someone will step up and do it

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    That’s the fun of using Sta-Flo…you can do what you want as far as the ratios!! Back in the day, hubby used to paint it on his Marine Corps hat because he wanted that thing STIFF!! When I did a Stack-n-Whack class, the fabric needed to be really still, so I had 3:1 ratio of Sta-Flo to water. You just play with it and find what works best for you!! Great boxes!! Now you need a box for every child with their initial on it so there will always be room!!

  6. I use the 3 to 1 ratio as well for the Sta-Flo. And I have the mist bottle that says “Friends don’t let friends go to quilt shops alone, that one is used just for my Best Press. I buy that stuff by the gallon when I find it on sale.

  7. Hi Jo! Once again, I’m enjoying my more coffee with you. I do lots of work for Quilts of Valor. I longarm around 50-60 quilts per year for them. I also make several quilts from scratch for them. I would love to finish this into QOVs and would be happy to pay postage!

  8. Just read on Bonnie Hunter’s blog that you can use vodka also. One part vodka…two parts water! She wrote that it’s the potatoes which make the vodka that make the fabric stiff! Who knew?
    Love and prayers

  9. I also make my own ironing spray with vodka. It provides a light crispness to the ironed fabrics. What i really love about it is that it seems to do a great job of “relaxing” ironed in wrinkles and creases.

  10. Here is a typical recipe for a best press substitute:


    2 cups distilled water
    6-12 drops essential oil (optional)
    1/3 cup liquid*starch
    2 ounces vodka

    Put in a*spray*bottle and shake well before each use.”

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