My Mailbox #2 of the Day

I’m behind again on my mailbox posts.  I think I am all caught up and then there in my mailbox is a whole bunch of goodies.

No worries…it’s a good problem to have.

Check out what my niece Jody sent me.  How cute are these little towels?  They have a farm animal on each one…of so cute.  I know you all are going to roll your eyes but they are too cute to use…Don’t you think??  I need to find somewhere they can hang more of a decoration than actual use.  Hmm.

Jody is the sweetest.  In the middle of her own issues, she took time to send me thoughtful gift.  I am so bad at thoughtful gifts…so bad.  I’m more of a gift certificate girl.  I love them.  Thanks Jody!

I got a box in the mail from Karen again.  Oh what fun goodies…see?

There were solids…..

Fun prints….

And check out this Singer fabric.  How cool!!  I never get out and go to fabric shops so seeing all the fun prints is great.  I didn’t have a clue that there was Singer fabric!!

Thanks so much for the goodies Karen.  I already sorted everything and have it delivered!!  I’m up on distribution but behind on writing posts…go figure.  I never can seem to do things in logical order.  It’s one of my quirks.

Thanks again all…I say it all the time but it’s so true.  I love being part of the generous group you all are!!

3 thoughts on “My Mailbox #2 of the Day”

  1. Thank you for sharing with all of us what’s arriving in your mail box. It’s fun to see what goodies are being sent and to hear where different items are being sorted.

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