My Mailbox….

You might remember a week or so ago I got a big box of fabric and scraps for Tina….well it was only a few days after that box came and another box came too!  You can imagine my surprise to see a second box!
This one, like the last box was full of goodies.  

Tina must have make a quilt using this big block.  They are (I’m guessing without measuring) 15″….well occasionally I make doll quilt tops and send them on to the Mississippi Valley quilters who do a HUGE project with them.  They need tops that measuring anywhere from 18″ to 24″.  Well this is a wonderful start to a top.  I can easily add two or so more borders to it and then it will be good to go!  I think a little girl would like it!

Here’s another of the same design…this one if I add the right colors might be a little more boyish.  They say they have trouble getting boyish tops in.

Here’s a picture of the goodies once I got things a little more sorted.

I pulled out other quilt leftovers…there were these that will also make a good candidate for doll quilt tops.

…and these….check out those TINY pieced stars.

In the box were these panels…I’m thinking I might put these in a box to go to Ronda.  She’s real creative about coming up with and alternate block to make these into a top.

Don’t you think?

What silly cow fabric…cows golfing???  I never know what I’ll find in a goody box.

There was a bigger piece of fabric that I’m saving out.  I think I have a baby quilt charity top that this would be the perfect backing for…there’s three yards to it should be enough.  I might have to get creative but I think it will be.

There were also some batik quilt scraps…I need to count these up and see if there’s enough for another doll quilt top.

When these two boxes from Tina came in I messaged Sandra in Oelwein who does the cutting for several quilt groups in the area….I said, can you believe I’m already starting another box of fabric goodies for you?  Sandra said good.  She had already sorted through and cut up the FIVE boxes I brought her at the beginning of the month.  She was already distributing it all.  REMARKABLE!!!

It’s great getting these boxes in.  I can sort and get things to places they can best be used.  Some of this stayed with me to make doll quilts from.  Some I kept for charity quilt bindings and backings.  Some I put in a box to send to Ronda….some will go onto the quilting ladies south of me.  Whatever it is, I find a home for it all.

Thanks so much for sending the goodies Tina.  I bet working and maneuvering around in your sewing area is so much easier and more pleasant.  I know when I go through a big cleaning I sure feel more inspired to sew!!

6 thoughts on “My Mailbox….”

  1. Cows golfing! that is some cute fabric indeed. Lots of treasures for sure and it will all be appreciated no matter where it goes.

  2. Debbie Grbavac

    Regarding the cow and golf fabric…My Grandpa referred to golf as “cow pasture pool!”
    Maybe that is the meaning behind it!

  3. I love hearing about the network of quilters you have that can use other people’s scraps. What fun to work together to bring about so much good from very little.

  4. My husband always says a golf course is a waste of good pasture, so there it is – a golf course getting proper use!

  5. The cows golfing – how funny! Maybe they are the golf courses lawn mowers? Either way, its pretty cute. I’ll have to ask my husband if he wants to try this with our Angus beef cattle – lol!

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