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Lots of goodies have come in over the last few weeks.  I am a little late on writing about all of these.  This treasure box came from Marly in NC.


There is lots of fabric that’s cowboys..even a started kit.  She thought I might like it for Carver but honestly, it’s applique and I’m not an applique girl…at least not yet.  I think I might add it to the silent auction fund raiser we have in conjunction with the retreat.

This little fabric is a keeper.  I think it will have to go in a Carver quilt someday!!!  It’s adorable.


I got another box.  This one had two finished quilt tops and one not finished.  The colors of the fabric are really fun and the unfinished project is going to be my leader and ender I think.  I have no idea what the original pattern idea was but I think I am going to finish putting white borders on them and that will be it.

These goodies all came from Jennifer in Newark, DE.


I also got in another box.  It was chuck full of scraps.  There was so much stuff jammed into the box.  The kids were here when I opened the box.  They started pulling pieces out.  Then before I knew it they were sorting it.  They were having a blast.  I took one of the boxes away and put the note from the giver in the box.  Before long, the kids left.  The next day they got the box down.  I showed them a couple of my crazy wonky blocks that I was making for my baby quilt and told them to pull out pieces that would work for the blocks.  They had so much fun.  I snapped a picture of the boxes…see?

I sewed the fabric into the blocks over the next couple days.  Then I realized that I hadn’t written about it.

I went to write about it and thank the giver but -oh no!  The note is nowhere to be found!!!!!!!!  I am wondering if the kids grabbed the box with the note in it and the note fell out and was accidently thrown away.  UGH.  I’ve looked high and low and can’t find the note.  I thought I could get some info from the box so I dug through the cardboard recycling and UGH…there was not return address!!

I feel awful.  I can’t thank the giver by name.  I am very thankful for the goodies…I truly have loved them.  They added life to my scraps and really helped my baby quilt shine.  THANKS SO MUCH!

Thanks to all of you ladies for thinking of me.  I sincerely appreciate it.

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  1. Love the tractor fabric – I hope someone sees this message and mentions where they got the tractor fabric – it is hard to find fabric with Farmall tractors.

  2. Jo – just sent you an item that you might want to add to your Christmas shopping list – a book called “Tractor Mac Saves Christmas”

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