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Goodies arrived last week.  Lots of goodies.  I was going to go out to the garage and throw the garbage into the big garbage can when there on my steps was my mail and a big stack of envelopes and packages.  WOW!

I had Betsy here and it’s really unusual that the mailman can get in and out of the house without one of the dogs spotting them barking like crazy…and waking the childcare kids.  That doesn’t happen.

So what was in the boxes….goodies galore!

Here is a stack of quilt tops.  There are five tops with two backings and one top that needs a bit more sewn and it will be finished too.  These are all from Maryanne in Perkosie, PA.  They are all very bright and colorful.  They are going to be fun to work on.  I think I can get that top sewn together in no time at all simply working leader and ender style.


There was another box of quilt tops.  These couldn’t be more opposite that first ones.  See?These are all Civil War  or darker prints.  All of them are amazing.  These are all big too.  I think a few of these should be used for benefits.  We’ll see.  Laura H in Dallas, TX made all of these.


Next up was a box from my blog reader and friend Linda in Minnesota.  She is the one who gifted me the wonderful border fabric for my Wild Child quilt and she also made a Psalm 23 bracelet for me.  She has wanted to do something for my niece Jody when her cancer benefit came around.  She asked if there was something I could think of that she wanted/needed.  I told her that Jody had asked me for a Psalm 23 bracelet to give to a friend.  Linda ended up making the bracelet and is gifting it to Jody along with a gift certificate for some LuLaroe things from Kalissa.  How sweet was that?!  Isn’t the bracelet gorgeous?


Also I got something in the mail from my blog reader Meliza.  It’s a stamped spoon.  I had never seen anything like this.  It’s really neat.


Inside the box was the card from the creator- For Such a Time.  The person has an Etsy shop.  You can find it here.


The saying is perfect and oh so very true.  I will treasure this for sure.

Wow.  I can’t express how honored I feel that you all were thinking of me.  Thanks so much.  I appreciate it all.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

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