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I remember years ago when I dreaded getting the mail.   There was always bills and notifications letting me know that money and time were tight.  Now days, that’s changed.  I don’t dread getting the mail anymore.  How could a person when I get wonderful things like this…

Five charity quilt tops came in last week…WOW!

Nancy from Homestead, Florida- Laura from Richmond, Virginia- and-Kristy from Sunnyvale, California sent them.  WOW.  THANKS ladies.

I’ve had a little mix up on who donated which quilts so from now on, the second I open a box the quilts all get a tag.  It took screwing up a few times for me to finally come up with a system of keeping the quilts straight.  My apologies again to anyone that this happened too.  It’s so embarrassing.

One included a backing so I grabbed that one right away and started quilting it.  I am bound and determined not to get behind on charity quilts again.

Here it is….It’s a jelly roll race quilt done with Kansas Troubles fabrics.  I love these quilts.  They are not huge so they don’t take long and they always turn out fun.


More things in my mail…Checks.

A huge shout out goes to Anne and her husband Jim for the monies to help with the charity quilting and to Alison who sent memorial money in honor of her mother.  The money was perfect timing ladies.  My charity roll of batting is coming to an end so I was just ready to order.  Your money will be used towards that.  I’m going to have to start watching JoAnn’s again for a batting sale.

Back when this whole charity quilting thing started I never dreamed that it would roll into all it has.  The other day I got an email from a lady asking if I would take quilt tops.  She went on to explain that she googled “donate charity quilt tops” and my blog is towards to top of the list.  Who knew?

I’m off….there are more quilts that need to be quilted and I need to contact some of my charity quilt binders to let them know that some quilts are on the way.  I think  I’ll also contact Cheryl my charity long armer.  There are quite a few quilt tops here again and I’m sure she’d happily help out.  If you want to know more about our charity quilting project please follow this link.

Again…THANKS to everyone who helps make this all happen.


6 thoughts on “My Mail”

  1. Check out the price of batting on Amazon. The last roll of Warm & Natural that I ordered was much cheaper there than on Joanns (even when Joanns was on sale)

  2. Cheryl in Dallas

    Hey Jo, send those quilt tops my way! I am in Florida now, but hubby is at home and will gladly meet the postman.

    PS. The charity quilt tops that your readers make are THE BEST. I am impressed with each one.

  3. Kristy Wilkinson

    So glad you got my top! I can’t wait to see what Cheryl will do with it. I am so glad I mailed it to you. I know it will get used and be a blessing to someone else. I loved making it but I really had no one to give it to. Thanks again for doing this. K-

  4. Even folded up you can see that those quilt tops are going to be colorful and pretty. Such good work, made better by many hands.

  5. When you mentioned watching for a sale at Joanns it made me wonder if you knew about the teacher discount Joanns gives. The quilter discount card gives 10% off your total purchase – even sale items. But the teacher discount is 15%. I would try for it since you do so many educational things through your child care. I get it as a preschool teacher and it was a simple process on line. Keep up the good work!!!

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