My Mail Man…and my readers.

I swear, I have the best people reading my blog!!  You all are so generous and so thoughtful.  Monday when I was feeling so awful about Gracie, the mail man pulled up to the house.  That means I have a package that is too big to fit in the mailbox.

I went out…the mail man is a friend of ours so I said, sorry the package didn’t fit in the mail box and you had to drive up.  He just smiled.  I said, I bet I get more packages than most.  He smiled and said, no, you get the most packages!

I thought that the package was my Kindle.  It broke last week and I had returned it so I was expecting a new one in the mail.  It wasn’t my Kindle.  Instead it was two BIG boxes from my blog reader, Jean.

The boxes were FULL of fabric.  WOW!!


In the box was the cutest cards.  Even though I was having a bad day with concerns of Ruby, I laughed and laughed when I read this one.

Here’s the front of the card…

Here is the inside…


I needed a good laugh!!  Thanks so much Jean.  Thanks for the laugh because I REALLY needed a good one and thanks for the fabric too.  It really brightened my day.

I can’t wait until things settle down with Ruby and I can dig in to these scraps!!

Thanks to all of my blog readers for the kind words, thoughts and prayers this week and always.  You are a great bunch of friends.

5 thoughts on “My Mail Man…and my readers.”

  1. When travelling our internet is not the best…very slow… so I haven’t been keeping up!! I was so sorry to hear about our little sweetheart, Ruby!! Geeze, I’m glad that she is on the mend and out of the woods!! I tell you, our pets are like our kids…hence all the white hair on my head!! Belly rub to Ruby!!
    Big hug to YOU!

  2. Diannia McDonald

    Is that Beatles material I see in the box? I have been asked to make a baby quilt for a nephew who loves the Beatles and I have not been able to find more than 2 designs and it is VERY expensive. If you have Beatles material, would you trade it for some other fabric? Just let me know what style you are interested in and how much we would need to trade. I am open to anything!

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