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I have lots of “mail”.  Things were sent while we were hanging with Kramer in the last days.  Some came while Kramer was still in the hospital.  The girls opened them for me and took pictures and sent them to me.  It was a great ray of sunshine to my dreary days at the hospital.  Here is sampling of some of the things that came.

Here is a fun strawberry needle case that was made by a blog reader.  I love it.  Now that I’m cross stitching I need a needle case more than ever.  I’ve started keeping a couple needles threaded for the project I’m working on just to save time from having to rethread with different colors all the time.  This will be perfect!!

This came from an anonymous reader…
Speaking of cross stitch.  Holy WOW!!  It’s a mother load of embroidery thread!  This was sent by a Canadian reader who preferred to remain anonymous.  This is going to bring me joy a hundred fold.  The first joy…organizing the thread.

I sent a picture of the thread to Kelli.  Her comment was, “Mom, you’ll be in heaven.  If there was a job for people to organize thread, I’m sure you’d do it.”  It’s the truth.  I adore organizing thread!!

Kramer was thrilled to get this note.  See???It’s a young Kramer with some of his older sisters.  I would so love a complete collection of photos of him when he was young.  We only have a couple here.  We didn’t have any of these!!

Kramer has four older and one younger sisters.  His sister Cathy sent it to us.  She’s the youngest sister-the baby in the yellow dress.

Some cards people send are absolutely PERFECT.  This was one….
I think that is the sentiment of everyone who sends a card.  It really is hard to “know what to say” it a situation like this.  You all have been saying it wonderfully and we appreciate all of the cards.

The card came from Sue in PA….Thanks!!

Robin in IL also blessed me with some cross stitchy goodness.

Oh my.  She said she found these goodies at a garage sale.  I have yet to find a cross stitch garage sale.  I’ve not found the “mother load” of things cross stitch at the thrift store either.  I’m hoping for a big haul some day.   I’m sure I would have gone crazy at a garage sale with these types of things.

Here are two series by Lizzie Kate….

This one has a chart for every month of the year….oh so cute!!

The other set is to be stitched together and made into a chart like this….
Oh my…so many cross stitch charts and so little time.  I’m thrilled with both of these.  I so appreciate this and that it came from a garage sale, warms my heart!!

Thanks so much to everyone who has sent cards and gifts-these and other cards I haven’t individually mentioned.  It really is a bright spot in my days.  I don’t think people enjoy getting the mail.  I sure do!!

5 thoughts on “My Mail”

  1. I have always loved mail! I used to tease my husband that I was going to make some bills so I could get mail. Ever since I was a small child I loved going to the mail box and finding something in it. My Grandma said at first I didn’t understand why it just got something once a day. I thought it should have something every time I opened it even if it was 10 times a day. Now we mainly get junk mail. Glad you got some of the good kind of mail!

  2. Mary Ann Mettler

    Mail can brighten a day for sure. I am thinking of you and I always think when I think of someone it is good to send a letter, an email, or a message on fb. I have to admit that mail trumps it all. Love you and your family Jo. Thanks for sharing your mail with us.

  3. Patricia Boelens

    Oh my gosh! How precious are family photos. And how much does 1 of your grandsons look like his grandpa did at the same age?? They even hold their happy hands the same way. Wishing you only the good kind of mail every day.

  4. Thinking of you Jo! :) Is that smiling guy, with the t-shirt that looks like it has a tie on it Kramer? He looks so much like Carver. You can really see the family resemblance. What a treasure. :)

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