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I’ve gotten a ton of goodies from blog readers lately.  It’s been so fun in a not so fun time in our lives.  All of the packages have included a nice note of card saying they are thinking of us.  Oh that’s nice.

This came from Teri in TN.  ALL sorts of goodies related to cross stitch were included.  I had been talking to Kelli about the cross stitch fabric on the upper right.  We had planned to start watching the thrift stores for it but within days, this package came in the mail from Teri with it in!!  I can’t remember the name of it but she can use it to stitch designs on Georgia’s clothes.

So many cute goodies were included….and Terri did what many have been doing as of late.  They don’t put any type of return address on it so I can’t send a thank you.

These goodies came from Elaine in WA.  All sort of things that I’m collecting….Pieces of shirt fabric.  These will go in Georgia’s quilt.  Pictorial fabric for Kayla…Kaffe fabrics for me…a card and gift for Kramer and Lizzie Kate for me.
Check out the cute baby announcement cross stitch.  I might need to stitch one…or two of these!

Ellie sent these for the kiddos.  They still use the envelopes all the time.  They play mail with them.  I love it as it’s a virtually free activity!!
A box of notepads came for the kiddos.  I can’t find a note and the box doesn’t have a complete address so all I can do is say thanks from J in MI.

This was a bigger bag of goodies from Caryn.  There were goodies for everyone.  Cards and notes for the kids to play with.  

Thank you cards and pillow forms for me..and Kramer.  Aren’t the thank you notes the cutest.  I’ve used LOTS of thank you cards through this journey and these are for sure the cutest ones.  I haven’t stuffed the pillows yet.  I need polyfil.  
A box came from Darby in WI…Darby is married to a farmer so she can imagine what it’s like for me.  As planting season is getting closer, he’s getting a little more anxious.  Darby sent with some farming newspapers and magazines to keep Kramer occupied.  He’s enjoyed them already.

She sent fabric for me…EVERYTHING I love!!
…and there were goodies for the kids.  What touched me most was this note.


A note came from a reader…it was a very nice note along with a gas card.  So many of you have been prompted to share with us your stories of a sick loved one.  I can’t tell you how much this means to us.  We so appreciate having kindred spirits who understand how hard things can be.  
This note was very special…as have been others.  We thank you for sharing that part of yourselves.

WOW…what a bunch of sweet people who took time out of their day to think of us.  We so appreciate every thought, prayer, or well wish that so many of you send our way daily.  We are touched by it all no matter the size of the sentiment.  I am so overwhelmed by it all…seriously, I no longer know how to say thank you in a way that is as heart felt as we all here at the Kramer house feel it.  THANK YOU so much.

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  1. The name of the fabric is waste canvas. Surely lots of people will write to tell you this, but every one of us has you and your family in out thoughts and prayers. And, lots of us are thinking “Stay safe!” as well. (Loved that post especially as I thought we were the only family who did that!)

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