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I’m behind on my mailbox posts again.  Just as soon as I get caught up, something comes.  It’s a good problem.

My first box of goodies came from Jan in CA.  It was filled with fun things.

Jan said she used to keep things around for her grandkids but they’ve outgrown them now.  Sadly that happens.

See all the corks?  I’m stocked now.

I know the kiddos will love these….They are velvet coloring pages.  They are great.  The kiddos can color them.  If they go out of the lines, there is no way to tell so even if the little kids try to color them, they look really good.

The kids want them right away.

Then there was this too!!  Yes I love embroidered sayings!
WOW…what a bunch of fun goodies.  We are not set for stickers and notepads!  THANKS.

Ila struck again.  See??She has sent pears in the past which we have loved.  This time she sent English Muffins.  Oh my, the are really good.

I’m so used to English Muffins that are a little dry and best for breakfast sandwiches.  These are not that.  These are moist and really good.  There are four in each pack and each pack is a different flavor.

The other night I had leftovers but not enough for both of us.  Hubby tried to share the little there was and I said- Nope, I’ll gladly have an English Muffin for supper.  They are really good!!

Ila and Tom are the most thoughtful people I know.

The next package came from Leigh Ann.  She sent this fabric panel with hope that Kayla could use it.  I’m sure she can!!

What’s not to love about barns and covered bridges???

That was so sweet.  I give things to Kayla that blog readers send and she is always shocked that someone thought of her.  I feel the same way.

Yet another package came from LaDonna in MS.  This one had shirts for me and stickers for the kiddos.  Awe…so sweet.  I love variety in my shirts…these will do just the trick.  Did you notice a black one in the bunch?  I think I’m getting to the point I have enough black striped shirts to tackle my quilt!!

The kids grabbed up the stickers and were creating in no time at all.  They adore anything that comes in the mail for them!!

Cards from blog readers have been trickling in.  This one was from Sue.  She added a wonderful message telling about her family.  That’s so sweet.

I’ve told you before and it’s so true.  People leave comments all the time saying “you feel like my neighbor or friend”.  I love those comments but a tiny part of me is always a bit jealous…you know me, but I only know a few of you.  Thanks Sue and all the others who have sent cards you’re helping me make connections.

Thanks so much for the goodies.  You all are the most thoughtful.  I so appreciate it….Kayla does, the childcare kiddos do too.

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