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I’m WAY behind on my mail box posts.  My dining room table has boxes of goodies on it that came after my I said that I could use some things for my Neighbor Girl.  I’m going to try to catch up over the next week or so.  If you sent something, please be patient with me.

My first box came from Tina.  She sent some things for Neighbor girl including some five inch squares and some fabric for a pillow case.  There were some strips in the bunch…those I am passing on to my daughter Kayla.  She’s a family consumer science teacher.  Right now they are doing a sewing unit.  They’ve been make Scrap Vortex blocks and she could use some fabrics to provide a little better variety.  You can read about it on Kayla’s blog.

Also in the box were goodies for me!  Shirts, magazines and stitching goodies.  How fun.  The magazines are going to my bedside.  I typically look at something for a bit before I go to bed.

There were a couple of Christmas fabrics in the box.  I have a friend who makes Christmas things for veterans….so I added it to the box of Christmas fabric that Sandra from the Oelwein gals, sent to me.  The box is here waiting for the next time I see my friend so it was easy to add Tina’s fabrics to the box.

Sandra was so sweet…she included stickers for the kiddos.  I have one little girl that wants stickers on EVERYTHING!!  This will be fun.  I think I’m going to save out the smiling stickers and write on a paper, “My Mommy makes me smile” and then let them put smiley stickers all over the paper.  I think it will be cute.

Another box of goodies came.  This was from Sandy.  There were cross stitch goodies.  It seems cross stitchers are just as generous as quilters…I had no doubt they would be.  There was a thread organizer that I want to check out….

And look!  All of this was in there….

Lizzie Kate patterns.  HOW FUN!  It was great to see them all….and believe it or not, no duplicates!

Great minds think a like as I got more Lizzie Kate cross stitch patterns from another blog reader.  She said she was thrifting and found them.  Thought of me and bought them.  I guess I’m not the only person who buys for others at Goodwill!!

Again, no duplicates.

What a fun couple stops at the mail box.  I appreciate all of you thinking of me.  It really means the world to me that so many care enough to take time during your own busy day to share with me!

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