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Lots of fun things have come in my mail lately.  So much that my dining room table is covered!  I’ve made a little rule for myself that I can’t use anything that comes until I blog about it…and it has to stay on the dining room table until I blog about it.  Hence, the covered dining room table.

These cross stitch patterns came from Anna Sweet.  I met Anna at the retreat we held and am so happy I did.  All the cross stitch patterns are from LizzieKate who is my favorite and all of them are ones I don’t have so that’s awesome.


My favorite one was this….  I don’t have any black linen so that’s on my list to hunt for.  I sing this to the childcare kids all the time so this one is especially appropriate for me to stitch.


I’ve very much been in a “spring” mood too!!

This box came from Debbie B.  She had leftovers from her doll house making and passed them on to me.  I haven’t done a think with the house I got.  Originally I wanted the doll house for the childcare kids but with the kids I have now, I’ve set it aside.  They are not very good at taking care of things.  Try as I might they can’t put marker caps on markers so I doubt they could handle small pieces of a doll house.  I have it though and once we do the basement, I might fix it up and put it down there.


Next up was this box of treasures…mail-4

There’s a little bit of everything in here and it’s from Mary the Sailor.  I met Mary and her husband at the last retreat and have very much enjoyed hearing from her now and then.  Mary sent a note with her box that made me giggle.  She’s a procrastinator when it comes to mailing things.  She had made me a birthday quilt block and never sent it!  She filled the box with goodies…scraps, yarn, fabric, flannels and goodies for the childcare kids.  She’s so sweet…and in reality, she’s a girl after my own heart.  I’m often late with things too!!

I can’t thank everyone enough for thinking of me.  It always amazes me at how well you all know me and know exactly what to send me.  These will all be treasured.  Thanks Anna, Debbie and Mary.

3 thoughts on “My Mail….”

  1. When you cross-stitch anything on a dark fabric, put piece of white fabric on your lap. It’ll help you see the holes in the dark fabric better.

  2. Yay, it got there. I didn’t put tracking on it so was getting curious about it’s location. Have fun with it.

  3. If you ever need linen, check out the thrift stores for linen clothing. In my area used linen clothing is cheap, I think because people don’t want to do the special handling, and because it wrinkles easily. I’m always finding it in thrift stores, and at their clearance prices.

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