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You might remember an earlier “My Mail” blog post that featured some great things that blog reader Carolyn from Texas gave me.  Well Carolyn did again and blew me away with all the awesome goodies she sent my way.  Here I am digging in and opening one of the boxes.  Yes, it came in multiple boxes.

There was a treasure trove of patterns, kits, batiks, fabrics and thread.  I was blown away.


batiks…..Now that I’m on my new batik adventure getting these was perfect timing.  I’m sure these will be in a quilt before you know it!


…a pattern-that’s really cute!!


…and kits galore.  Check them out!!Carolyn-4




and more!!  This one is my favorite.


I’ve long loved Miss Rosie.  This one has been on my to make list too!!  I’m putting this one in the stack of projects to tackle.  It’s a tall stack but it’s there!!

There were a couple other projects too.  WOW!

The night after the package arrived I was talking to my niece Jody.  She’s the one who had a return breast cancer scare.  Well all through her chemo and radiation she crafted and crafted.  She made all sorts of fun projects.  Well she said something to me about her dwindling supplies and asked if I might have any matching fabric to something she was working on.  It was an out of print fabric.  I told her no..I didn’t have what she needed for that project but I might have something else for her.

That’s when I thought of these kits from Carolyn.  I snapped a few pictures and showed them to her and she told me which she liked.  Well I sent a couple on to her.  She was thrilled!! She’s been wanting to make something special for the people who have been so good to her and put on the benefit for her and her family.  The kits were perfect for that….

So think…Carolyn gifted them to me.  I found Jody who is so happy to have them and gifted some to her….she’s going to make them and gift the projects on.  How neat is that???  It’s a wonderful circle of giving that started with sweet Carolyn in Texas….and is ending with the people who first gifted their time and talents to help Jody.  I just love it.  So many lives touched through the power of a gift and appreciation.

When people send things to me…I never know where they will go or what purpose they will serve.  I bet Carolyn never realized how happy she’s making a bunch of girls in Iowa.  I love it!!

8 thoughts on “My Mail…”

  1. Jellystone has been on my to do list for a while. I love the paying it forward that is going on in Iowa with the kits and charity quilts.

  2. Oh my! I got goose bumps reading this post. You are right ……we never realize who we touch when we share our projects, time and talents. Thanks for all you do and your caring heart.

  3. There is so much happy sharing going on! I just love this post too. It one of the things that I love so much about quilters. They are such loving and sharing creatures!

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