My Mail

More has come in via my mailbox.

Honestly, I am always so overwhelmed with the generosity of others.

When I opened these my neighbor girl was over.  She had a no school day and I had a no childcare day.  I didn’t know if she’d want to hang around with only me but it worked out just fine.  She got inducted into the quilting world.

First we had a package from Cheryl H….a quilt was inside along with goodies.


Then we got a box of things from Ruth P.  Here’s a baby sized top…


Here’s a bigger Jelly Roll Race quilt top.  I love the colors, don’t you?Mailbox-4

Then there were scraps.  Most were a bit bigger yardage pieces.


You can see I have the perfect person to help me out with all the sorting.


From there I asked her if she wanted to see my quilting room.  So far, that hasn’t happened before.  She’s come during childcare hours or around supper time.  I decided to show her my quilting machine and let her have a go at machine quilting.

We popped the baby quilt that Ruth had sent immediately on the frame.  There was so much to learn…what’s an iron, how to pick thread, what the cozy stuff in the middle was called….


I had her watch for a bit.  I showed her how to make a big looping design and she did the last half of the quilt with me close by.  It’s far from perfect but it’s a charity quilt and it will do nicely.

We had a fun day hanging out.  She even offered to help me clean the sewing room….what a sweetie.

Thanks everyone for the goodies…and a special thanks to my neighbor girl for keeping my life interesting.  I can’t begin to explain how much I treasure our relationship.

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  1. this little neighbor girl will remember you and your adventures together for the rest of her life. what a great relationship. sorting fabric, she looked she was perfect there. i had a relationship like this with an older lady when i was young. enjoy your time together.

  2. You are very kind to mentor your young friend. We have a local quilt store that has a weekly group of kids learning to do sewing projects. I am grateful to everyone who takes the time to teach a youngster to expand their creative talent.

  3. It sounds like a perfect day with your new friend. I love how patient you are with her and all her interest in your quilting. Precious memories being made.

  4. and in years to come she will remember you as that neighbor lady who TALKED to me and LISTENED….. win win I say…. I was that neighbor kid sixty years ago on 17th Street….

  5. I think it’s wonderful that you have sort of taken on a new student! I sure would love to be in her shoes. I didn’t take up quilting until I retured. She is one lucky little girl.

  6. So glad the box made it there okay. And, again, thank you for all you do for others and for making it possible for ME to do for others, too!

  7. i think this is great! This young girl has had a major impact on her heart… its you. there is a relationship brewing here. You has this ability with the young, and she sensed it in the beginning when you started child care. Its so rare now a days . A special friendship for years to come. Looking forward to watching this grow. thanks for sharing.

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